Fiction: Monkey town

becky-phan-23122-unsplashI travel light. All I want to carry is my own weight. All the stuff that I could bring with me would just bend my back and prevent me to look straight ahead. Another reason is time. I’m too excited to start my transformation to be worried about mundane things, like what clothes to wear or if I have a certain type of food to eat. Just let me run.I want to get there now. This city is a playground and I feel like the new kid in school.
I said goodbye to mom and pop not thinking if I would ever miss them. After all, they would be alright, they have each other, and their dull routines to keep themselves busy and not thinking too much.

I never want to sleep again. Damn… I want to do so much. I want to be seen and I want the world to know that I see it too. Walking by the streets I see all the comforting strangers and I stare with a smile as I imagine every thought they could be having. I want them to be happy. The feeling is too strong, too much, to keep it only for myself.

I know what I want, but I’ll go there later. I have time. We live so much on ourselves that we forget about the world. I need to learn more, to question, to learn first all the questions. I swore to myself that I wouldn’t let myself be crushed by any fear of missing out. I’m not following anyone, so, how could I be left behind? By whom?

Don’t blame yourself. Don’t change yourself. It’s a journey of discovery, and yes, we have to adapt, but not to others, not to any created needs, only to new truths that are shown to us on every tumble. Get up. No fear, not even to pain, let her be a teacher, let her shake you and drain all the crap within. Keep an open mind, but not so much that anyone can go inside. Keep some thoughts to yourself, be your best listener.

Just… Just wave when you see me, and I’ll wave back, knowing that we are on the move and we can’t stop right now, but we recognize each other and we are hopeful on having a good story to share at the end.

One day I want to read this words again and I want to remember all the faces I’ve seen on this day and I want to feel that all of them ended up like I imagined. Creating a world full of love were hope is not needed anymore. I want to be reading them with my heart still full of light and my mind still curious. Looking behind to see my footsteps,  just for a second. A brief smile, and the journey goes on.

This is my first day. Of everything.


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