Fiction: Further than ever


And one day we’ll see each other again. Several years will pass and we will have aged.
I will look at your wrinkled face and wonder if your scars have healed. Mine will until then. For a long time they did not want to heal. Maybe because I did not let them.

 It will get calmer and quieter around us till then. The storm that stirred us up at that time would calm down. The distorted colours would become clearer, the deformed creatures would disappear.

The constant faint and the ecstasy would be nothing more than a dim memory. Further than ever.

And then we would stand in front of each other. A short while. Perhaps we would change a few words. Perhaps talk about something trivial. It would be forced, unintentional. We would only be small actors in a play, just a few liars in a big world.

And then everything would take its course. We would say goodbye. Maybe change a few non-binding phrases. And never see us again.


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