Fiction: Waiting


It was checkmate for me, like usual in two moves. And so they roll along the floor. The lonely figures. Until I pick them up, so I can lose again. We like to play unequal games.
So I wait, wait until a miracle happens.

You close my eyes so that I lose my clarity. It gets black around me. Dull and silent. I turn myself and let be driven by the dizziness.

So I wait, wait until I can see clearly again.

You take off the blindfold. Muzzy, reaching into the emptiness. You take a rope and tie my hands. You reach my legs.

So I wait, wait until I can walk again.

You laugh and drag the chessboard towards me. In one move. Checkmate. You stroke my hair. Tilt down to me. I feel your hand on my mouth.

So I wait, I wait until I can breathe again.


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