Fiction: The Wizard Part II



I was back in the game. The shy kid in school who had found a friend. Time was now only a mere formality of life. We had conquered it and more.
It was one of those times when you can actually hear the “click”. “Yes, this one I’ll keep” – I thought.
Marcus came to Berlin seeking refuge from normality. He, like me, has one fear in life: Boredom.

If you ask him what he does, he simply replies: “I live to create life.”
No tags, no samples, no stretched images of the truth. I swear to God, the man is as pure as it gets.
Two beers quickly turned into five, or maybe six…
The bartender was now a scarecrow behind the counter. He did not spoke a word for thirty minutes. The guy was just sitting down dreaming about dreaming. I guess he had reached his quota.
People were leaving like ghosts. We only noticed it because of the silence.
We talked forever.
My doubts were gone, this is where I need to be. One more piece of the painting just appeared on the canvas.
Marcus left his life on a distant place. We wanted the same. A clean slate and new air to breathe.
At some point I asked him: “How can we start over?” – I will never forget his next words:
The deformation/formation of oneself is such a violent event as it is beautiful, that always ends on a peaceful silence… It is, by its own right, an artistic process. By so, it will create images that don’t fade, sounds that don’t dissipate and words that can’t be forgotten. We are not only a part of this Universe, we are the Universe itself trying to be understood… The chaos throughout all the Cosmos is resolved by motion and attraction. Knowing that, we should resolve the chaos on our minds by keep moving forward and love all that exists, especially life and ourselves. Love is for all life what gravity is for all the Cosmos.
Those words made me feel like I was part of something much bigger than myself. Everything falls into place in time.
Light began to appear from the windows.

A new dawn, indeed.


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