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Factory – Görlitzer Park

Coworking-Space Spot: Factory Görlitzer Park
Location: Berlin Kreuzberg/Treptow

Bye bye Homeoffice!

Enough from the boring home office. We wanted out! Because beautiful atmosphere also encourages beautiful thoughts and hopefully a few beautiful articles.

Factory is a magical place. As the name suggests, it is a former factory. A huge space directly at Treptower Park/Kreuzberg. A community of 3000 people who network, work or just have a beer together. We wanted to try it out!



Hello Home sweet Home

To Dos for the day?

– Brainstorming
– Editorial plan
– Edit website
– Instagram and Insta Stories
– Write articles
– Boring paper work (Super boring!)

For brainstorming, we stayed at the cafe. The perfect atmosphere to forge further plans for Literaa. Very important to start with: Goalsetting and reviews. Since we have just started, we are dependent on not losing sight of our goal and always staying focused. That’s why we discuss our daily/weekly/monthly and annual goals and do regular reviews in which we talk openly about improvements and suggestions for change. Based on these goals, we adjust our content. in our opinion, good content only works with the right strategy and planning.


Okay, for a second, I was gonna throw it all away. A swimming pool full of balls? Okay, when can I move in?

Playground- my paradise
Cinema, why not?

In the quite area of the factory, the library, we could then concentrate on doing the rest of our To Dos. Especially boring, the boring paperwork. Whoop, whoop!
Especially for a focused work this place is very good! We could write here very well and were super in flow. Otherwise this article probably wouldn’t have been written, right?
If you followed our instagram stories, you got even more impressions of this space.
(You can also find them in the Highlights under “Work”).


Bottom line: 


  • Central location
  • Interior design appealing for men and women
  • Diverse members, all sorts of freelancers
  • Areas: Restaurant available (yummy food), playground, Cinema
  • Silent and loud rooms
  • Huge space: A lot of free seats available


  • Noisy rooms can become too noisy
  • The place is too big to create a cozy atmosphere and personal relationships with members (difficulties with networking)

In summary, we can say that this space is very beautiful and has a very special atmosphere. Due to its size it feels quite anonymous, which we don’t see as a disadvantage. We also enjoyed to have the possibility to choose between quiet and noisy rooms. Of course, it depends on your mood.
You have to like it – we know we love it!



More info:

Factory Görlitzer Park
Lohmühlenstraße 65, Berlin
Opened: 08 AM – 09 PM

© Factory Berlin

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