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Coworking Spot: CoWomen 
Location: Berlin Mitte

Womens paradise?

I’m afraid my boyfriend has to stay home today. This place is exclusively for women. But as feminine as it is, he has nothing against it at all, I think… 😉
My day begins early. I am especially looking forward to the weekly breakfast on Friday with all members, which is organized there. I am particularly excited about the networking because this is what the Space advertises: A community with inspiring women. A small, cozy space with max. 20 members with a very special flair and strong cohesion between all the members. Lets take a closer look!



Okay where can I sign to move in?

Wow, the first impression already inspires me. The Space is small but with such a beautiful interior it creates a very cosy atmosphere and therefore a lot of closeness to each other. What became immediately noticeable: This Space was furnished with a lot of love. There are two large areas (work spaces) and a kitchen. In the workspaces you can also find many comfy sofas where you can rest and read the books they offer. All in a very familiar atmosphere. The breakfast, for example, also became a very special event.



Networking incl. breakfast

The special thing about CoWomen is definitely the female spirit and the small number of members. The women come from very different backgrounds, which I find very interesting. Here, at a coffee, people openly talk about their worries in freelancer life, give advice or simply listen. I can imagine that over time great cooperations develop, because here it is much easier to make close contacts that are real and authentic.

 How beautiful is that?


Not only did I met great people, I also got a lot of great inputs for my projects. And the best is yet to come: This place is perfect for writing! Because as soon as the breakfast was over, everyone sat around the tables and worked. The advantage is that the energy is completely different. It’s like sitting together among friends working together. I can highly recommend this space to you if you are looking for a cozy, quiet location and a focus on community. If you followed our instagram stories, you got even more impressions of this space. (You can also find them in the Highlights under “Work”).

Bottom line: 

  • Regular events for and with great women
  • Great atmosphere in a very central location
  • Personal and family flair
  • Beautiful, cosy furnishings

Thanks again for the wonderful experience CoWomen! Will definitely visit you guys soon again 🙂

The CoWomen Space
Alte Münze, Am Krögel 2
Berlin Mitte

© Pictures: CoWomen

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