Fiction: The Black Widow


“She played for the sake of pleasure and suffering”

She knew she had them by the hand. She knew how to hold the reins, how to play the right move. She always could. She had spun the spider’s web more and more, had always kept her prey close to her, until she was paralyzed, until nobody could move anymore.  That’s how she did it with Marco. But Marco was only one of many.

She always found excuses, staggered in the fog, stunned the truth, and whitewashed his disorientation to impotence. But after a while he bored her. He had long been too transparent, too simple. She played not only to win. She played for the sake of pleasure and suffering. But the game lost its appeal, because she had already won the game long ago. What she was looking for was a challenge, a stronger opponent.

“Waiting for him to bite”

One day she met him at the crossroads, he leaned casually against the advertising pillar. He had grown tall and had dark hair. And while she let her charm play as usual, he only replied with a slight smile. Probably he was shy. Maybe embarrassed. She enjoyed it. He had to give her a little time, then she would gnaw her way into him, wrap him thread by thread and over time make him faint. He slowly lighted his cigarette. With a calm that makes her pause for a moment. His gaze does not give way. Her gaze does not leave his fingers. They were quite thin and pale. She waits. Wait, for something else to happen. Waiting for him to bite.

“She swallows them whole and feels the delight, the excitement.” 

“Do you have fire? he asks. Hastily she digs into her pocket. After a short moment he hesitates: “It’s okay. Maybe another time.” And while the traffic light was turning green, he had already disappeared behind the next intersection. She looks after him. Hours later she was in the same street. At the same traffic light. Days pass. Each time she hoped to get an answer back. With the uncertainty she was overcome by anger. And the more time passed she threw herself more and more on her victims. She attacked them, and pleasantly enjoyed it, she swallows them whole and feels the delight, the excitement. It was her downfall. Together with their corpses, they all lay trapped in the net. She can’t see in them even a drop of worth.


“Slowly trees lost their color and covered themselves in dreary grey.”

Slowly trees lost their color and covered themselves in dreary grey. One day they unexpectedly met again at the railway track. “You wanted fire, didn’t you?” She looked at his fingers again. She hadn’t seen him for a long time. “Please?” – He clamored and pulled the lighter towards her. She looks at the clock and turns to the other side. “Excuse me, I didn’t wanted you to…”
“I didn’t know you smoked at all.” He smiled. She smiles back.



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