From urban jungle to true connections

I always liked to write in nature. My best works were created in the early morning hours in the rice terraces in Philippines. Well, maybe this place is not nearly like the rice terraces but not bad either, come on! In the Café “the greens” there are at least as many plants as in the Jungle. And that’s what they promise: Coffee and plants.


Writing in the jungle

The Café is very centrally located and is part of the former Alte Münze factory site. Rustic flair from the outside but green and wild from the inside. During the week there are a lot of freelancers working there. In the evening it gets a little louder and more crowded. Although it is so small, it still has a very nice atmosphere in which you can work well and concentrated.


Highlight for me was definitely the treehouse upper floor with the view to the cafe. A small area with a comfy sofa. Super beautiful! From there I had the atmosphere, including the view, but also the privacy to write.
Have you seen the Instagram Stories we did in “the greens”? Check our Highlights on our Instagram Profile.

Tribe Workshop in CoWomen


Right after that I went to CoWomen. Cowomen is a wonderful coworking space for women to connect more with each other. You can read more about cowomen here.

Topic of the workshop: Awesome Mastermind Tribe. A Meet Up with women to talk about their biggest professional challenges in everyday life. My motivation to attend this workshop was definitely to look for real connections, which are often lost in everyday life. This was also confirmed in the workshop:
I could see that every woman has similar patterns: insecurities to please as many people as possible and difficulties to ask for help.


“We rise by lifting others”

To the point: We separated into small groups and we addressed our problems individually and with the help of certain questions and techniques, a solution was considered altogether. In the beginning it was very difficult for me to address my problems so openly in front of strangers. Something was in me that held me back a little. But I quickly realized that it was positive. These women have very similar problems, which puts your problem into perspective and makes you feel less alone, and they have a very objective view of you and your story because we hardly know each other. And I finally got exactly what I wanted: profound solutions from great women and real connections.


What are your tips for true connections in a big city? Write it down in the comments or send us an super old school email 😉 The best ones will be published in our Instagram Stories.


Photos: © the greens
Photos: © CoWomen

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  1. This isn’t a connection tip, but that cafe looks so amazing – the photos are absolutely beautiful. And CoWomen also sounds like a really great experience – I’d love to find something like that in my area, and I may well do a proper search for it. There’ll be something!

    1. literaapoetry says:

      Hello Naomi! 💕✨Sorry for the late response. Thank you so so much for you lovely comment. It is indeed amazing and super cozy there. Same for CoWomen! You should come to berlin and experience it!! I am happy to be here where a lot of those projects/ things are happening! Where are you from? If there is nothing in your hometown you should maybe start with a meet up group and create a community by yourself? 💕

      1. I would love to! I’m actually hoping to travel to a few new places this year, so you never know. I’m from Bristol in the UK, and it’s the kind of city where I’m certain there’d be something similar. Thanks so much for your kind reply 🙂

      2. literaapoetry says:

        Hey lovely Naomi, yes you have to check it out. I am sure Bristol has also lots of hidden treasures 😍💕and yes you have to!! I am sure you would love Berlin!! Especially in summer. But be careful: so many people come and visit, fall in love and then just stay forever here 😄🙈 i heard this stories so many time!! Sending you love from our beautiful and cozy balcony! ✨💕☀️

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