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I always thought: This is my goal – to work from home. I imagined myself sitting totally relaxed in my apartment, having my lunch break (which I would do very regularly), going to yoga, from which I would come back even more relaxed. The sun would shine (all day) into the room and after my work (which of course would be so easy for me) I would meditate for a while on my balcony. (Now I have served all Berlin hipster clichés). But unfortunately I have to disappoint my former self. I mean that I still serve all clichés has not changed… But I’ve learned a few things about Homeoffice that I am going to tell you in this article.


Now I’m sitting here – in my long-awaited home office and have been fast-forwarding for a few years. Unfortunately, the sun doesn’t always shine so idyllically into our apartment, especially if you consider the Berlin winter. Instead of chirping birds I hear drunks on the street and my neighbour who is constantly talking to his TV. Even my relaxed day is not so relaxed because I can neither do yoga nor meditation. Since I still have so much work to do, it makes me even less relaxed. Now I’m even more frustrated about the dirty dishes that are piling up. As if the day wasn’t frustrating enough, I now clean the whole apartment.
Why not?


Okay. What went wrong here, please?

Clear separation

Homeoffice is still the office where your home merges with your work. I made the mistake of not defining clear divisions and letting myself be seduced into housework as soon as I see Tax Office on my To Do list. (God, the tax office and its bureaucracy.)
This is basically important as a freelancer. A separation. It doesn’t have to be strict, especially as a creative person, you need freedom. A home office can therefore also be a favourite corner on the sofa (in the company of your dog, of course) or a single office that you have set up for yourself. It’s all about atmosphere! The more comfortable you feel, the better and more productive you work.

Eliminating Chaos and Creating Atmosphere

So what I’m doing now against my sudden cleaning attacks: I plan my week thoroughly and on the days I do home office I create an atmosphere in which I can work well. This means: I clean the apartment in the evening before and I put everything in its place. I create the atmosphere with the right furnishings that make me feel at home. Our apartment, for example, is very cosy and colourfully furnished. Colourful decorations from all over the world, lots of plants. This helps me with the creative process. It can also be quite different for everyone here. The main thing is to enjoy getting up and working.


Reducing expectations

Life as a freelancer is turbulent. More, if you work as a creative.
So it’s very important to understand: No day goes as planned. That can turn to be good, but also can turn to the worse. In the meantime, I have accepted that and understood that I can neither accelerate nor control creative work. Instead of seeing everything so extremely, I accept bad days and know that tomorrow I will write better.
That means: If there is no time for yoga or meditation – then there are a few room scents instead, totally fine!

Know yourself and your needs

Now that we are done with the external part, let’s talk about the core. The better you know yourself and your needs, the better you can integrate them into your everyday life and achieve better results.

  • So, are you more of an early riser or late riser?
  • Do you work according to plan or spontaneously?
  • What else do you need to make you feel at home?
  • An ergonomic chair, music at work?


My former self will be horrified.
But it probably didn’t understand then that Homeoffice is both:
Home Sweet Home and Hell.
And that both are absolutely okay.


Are you also doing Homeoffice? How is your experience?
And what have you learned so far? 
We would love you to share your knowledge and advices and the opportunity to exchange with each other. Write it into the comments below or send us an Instagram DM oooor send us a superfancy old school E-mail (contact@literaapoetry.com).
The best tips will be featured in a new article. 

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  1. While I so get about the cleaning thing…diversion and distraction, thw big reveal you missed is how so many of us do a good portion of HomeOffice day in pjs. Actually, one work from home guy I know just worked in his boxer shorts.

    The dog (or cat) as Work Muse is spot on.

    1. literaapoetry says:

      Yes, how could I forget about the pjs?! And also the fluffy panda sandals ahah
      We need to feel comfortable, but not too comfortable… 🙂

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