This is why I love freelancing


I love my job and especially my independence. For me there is nothing better than writing (I can’t do much more ;)) When the alarm clock rings, I look forward to the day and when I go to bed in the evening, I look forward to the next one. And I mean that absolutely seriously! Why it makes me so happy and why I can only recommend it to everyone reading this article.


Reason 1.) Freedom

For long I was under control (way too long!) in college, work. I was always externally controlled, constantly had to justify myself, ask for permission.
I am and will always be an free spirit.
Creativity only works for me if I allow it to have space. Free space. Only then do the most beautiful inspirations, ideas and insights emerge. Pressure and control can inspire and motivate but are not the right way for me. I prefer to slow down and go down a bit. And how? With time. I can adapt the day completely to my needs.

I can spontaneously meet a friend in the park at noon or go to yoga in the morning. And if I have had enough of Berlin, I can sit down on a terrace in the south of France and continue working from there. That’s an incredible feeling. A feeling that encourages you to go the right way and to be more motivated than ever to go on. I understood early on that time is the most precious thing we have. And there is nothing more important to me than spending time with my loved ones, doing still my dream job.


Since I became a freelancer, I am more balanced in all areas of my life.
(I’m just talking about me now, which doesn’t mean that someone in an 9/5 can’t do this. All priorities ;))

  • Healthier diet, with more time for cooking
  • Intensify and cultivate genuine friendships
  • More time for yoga and meditation
  • More time to be in nature
  • More time to travel
  • More time to research projects (what I enjoy most about writing)
  • Exciting new places to see


Reason 2.) Self-determination

As a freelancer, you’re always self-determined. You decide your customers, your day, your fee. You determine how you work, how you deal with your customers. For me it is something very spiritual: You recognize yourself and your value, you alone indicate the direction that does you good. What I like is the appreciation that customers show me when I write for them. Both of us are equal and there are flat hierarchies.

  • Determining the direction with whom and how I want to work
  • Customers who appreciate me
  • A fee that makes me feel valued
  • Projects that are exciting and diverse


Reason 3.) Boundlessness

“You can see only as far as you think”

Independence is a sea full of possibilities. It can be countless new projects, but also an unexpected, gigantic breakthrough in your business. For me it is the diversity that makes it so special. There are no limits.

Of course, this does not work without us constantly working on ourselves on:

  • Discipline
  • Consistency
  • Ambition

Freelancing lets me:

  • To work in CoWorking Spaces, Cafés
  • To realize a heart project with my beloved partner
  • Spend more time with my partner
  • Travel and work (escape the Berlin winter) 

And yes. Of course there are also disadvantages. Every now and then a short call on the weekend or a few night shifts. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t want to trade with anyone around the world.

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Have you ever thought without limits?
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