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I am often asked how I live as an author, when writing becomes a profession and you have to deliver every day… Is creativity even available at one’s choice? And you know what? I can press the buttons and my creativity starts immediately to work. How? With the right routine and variety! This article tells you how this works.

Inspiration is everything in this profession. Seeing exciting places, travelling, absorbing art and literature. And I love that! But if writing becomes a daily job, you have to work every day because the landlord doesn’t care if we had endless writing blockades this month or if the muse cancelled… Damn it! Rents and bills are still due. Time is running out and we are sitting with our blockades and still have to deliver. And now? And already you stumble into the trap. At least that was the case with us. We liked to catch ourselves complaining: uncertainties, blockades and annoying bills are part of the freelancer’s life.
Just like in almost all areas of life it is true:

Do I decide for or against?
Do I decide for or against the blockades?


Get into action

Definitely for a change and against the blockades. The first step was definitely the attitude to want to change something, we had to get used to the idea. No more moaning. Next Step: Get into action.

From now on we focused our focus more consciously and reflected more on our everyday life. I was even looking forward to the blockades, as I would soon say goodbye to them completely! 😉

We asked ourselves the following questions:

  • When is writing/working most productive? (morning, noon, evening?)
  • What went wrong and why?
  • What could be the reasons for this?
  • What are the disturbing factors?
  • Are these internal, external factors?
  • Where is writing most productive? (Homeoffice, Coworking Space, Café, Travelling)
  • What could be the reasons for this?

We used the following tools:

Trello – Project Management Tool (Notes and Observations)
Wunderlist – For our desired plans and ToDos
Timesheet – To track our time for the respective tasks


That’s what came out of it:

We observed our bad habits, analyzed disturbing factors and discovered recurring patterns. For example, that I get distracted very quickly when I receive emails or messages on my mobile phone and then have difficulty focusing. And that we have worked differently concentrated/unconcentrated depending on the environment. Exciting, isn’t it? Among other things we were able to draw the conclusion:
Mobile phone is either set to flight mode or left in the pocket, mail function is completely switched off during work. Observe yourself, you will see that the monster blockade is no longer so huge 🙂 Now lets get on to the environment!

Varied routine

Did you also know that rooms can influence our attitudes? In a study by the British psychology professor Daniel Nettle, it was proven that the surroundings not only influence our mood, but also our attitude massively, even when you are in a room for a short time. We have always felt that a little bit, because we knew that the right atmosphere is everything. After a long time of trial and error, we realized that variety and routine were important to us.

Our procedure is as follows:

We plan our week and our ToDos in advance at home and adapt the location accordingly to the tasks in order to create a good working atmosphere.

  • Brainstorming (develop concepts, strategies, projects)For brainstorming we use a Café, CoWorking Café, where it can be louder, because the impulsive energy and volume can be a good impulse for idea collection. For example the Factory Café or The Green Café.

  • Creative writing (For you and your book in process) :)) To write more creatively we sit in the park, in a café/ terrace or in a CoWorking Space where we feel especially comfortable. At the moment Factory Library or CoWomen.
  • Copywriting (For clients)We work concentrated we work in the home office or we look for a quiet space that distracts us as little as possible so that we work focused.

We had to observe each other for a long time and above all face our blockades. Often it’s just external circumstances that get inside and prevent us from being in the flow.


Your dream is also a business

If the writing becomes work, it must also be regarded as work. Now this is not only a dream, but also a business. This little shift has changed everything for me! Because this inner view has helped me a lot to approach writing more professionally and not to panic directly at the next writing blockade, but to maintain professionalism. I was also able to position myself better towards customers and gain more appreciation for my work. When I first saw this as a dream, I often found myself in situations where I was selling myself below my value and getting into unfair deals because I was more willing to compromise. One does not exclude the other: It’s still the biggest dream I’ve ever had, but the perspective has become more professional!

And yes, you can say it all helped us to write better and become more focused. We are not machines at all and of course there are days when it still doesn’t work, even if we tried so hard… But with the time we have accepted the blockades, they only appear very rarely as our landlord thank God 🙂


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How do you deal with blockades and how do you manage your everyday life with them?
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