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Homeoffice vs. Coworking

For a long time we sat in our quiet chamber and wrote stories in there. (Just like authors do, don’t they?). Now we finally dare to get out. Hello wide world!
We want to share it with you and take you on this journey.

The new model is quite simple: creative people from different industries meet and work together. What they have in common is that they are all freelancers and love freedom and variety, especially in their work. Nothing is more frightening than writing in an office. We decided to go through with it without thinking twice! Our motto: No risk no fun, instead of uncertainty think of it as freedom.

Whoever writes must feel

It’s great at home, no question. That was the way we felt. But after a while the mind rests more and more and the work shifts from the desk to the bed.
The dress code: Pyjamas. And even if the intention to write something phenomenal is there on that day, subconsciously you are sluggish and you let yourself go easily. Therefore change dress code and get out!

No one can resist this energy. Suddenly we were in the middle of the big city. This is exactly where great ideas, impulses and projects emerge. 

And even though we regularly improve our writing skills at home (books, skillshare) this is not comparable. Coworking spaces partly offer daily events/workshops, team meetings. Chat programs like Slack are also part of everyday life. This not only opens up many more opportunities to make contact with customers, but also exciting cooperations or even friendships can develop.


Our mission is therefore very clear:

We want to take you with us on each of our journeys, so that you become as enthusiastic about it as we are.

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