Fiction: Withdrawal


Cloud my day, fog my mind. Evaporating myself. Melt into you.
We two – one thing in common: Our emptiness.
I knew no breath, since it was yours.
No movement, since you ran.
Each of your words soaked in my body. Every anaesthetic grew into my skin.

You throw oil while I roll over the fire.
You give me everything, but its not enough.

 Let me feel more. Let me burn.

You submerge me, make me lose my breath. It becomes black around me. Dull and quiet. I try to break myself free, let myself be driven by dizziness. The horizon gets wider around me, wider and clearer.

So I hope, I hope that I will not drown.

You do not carry me. It is the water.
You want to mute me. You want me blind.
You want to paralyze me.
Press again, drag and pull me.

So I hope, hope that I don’t suffocate.

You close my eyes so that I lose sight of clarity.
You take off the blindfold. I fade out into emptiness. You take a rope and knot my body. You knot tighter until I become motionless. 

So I wait, wait until I can walk again.


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  1. janetawel says:

    This has made me think of the exquisite use of the blindness metaphor by the Portuguese writer Jose Saramago in his novel “Blindness”. If you have never read it I think you would like it. Quite a different use of the metaphor for him and yet….

    1. literaapoetry says:

      Hello Janetawel,
      thank you so much for your comment! You won’t believe it but a few weeks ago I bought this book and wanted to start to read it!! Isn’t that crazy? What a coincidence.. Or sign 😀
      I will definitely do it and will think of you if I see parallels afterwards 🙂

  2. Forgive me for saying this if I am incorrect, but I see a lot of darkness, pain and angst of soul. A heart that has been broken and crushed and yet one that Kong’s for hope!

    1. literaapoetry says:

      Thank you for your comment! Isn’t there always a bit pain and fear in every soul? Like life is bipolar, there is always a dark and bright side. In the end vulnerability and love unites us all 🙂

      1. True! To be able to hope in the middle of angst is victory in life, isn’t it? Thank you for responding 😊

      2. literaapoetry says:

        You mean the article “In the middle of Nowhere”? Definitely. Read the article “I am alone but not lonely”. You will see that I do see life pretty bright and magical! 😉
        Literaa Poetry

  3. I was actually talking about “withdrawal,” but thanks, your response is still great. I will read the article you mentioned.😊

  4. calmkate says:

    sounds more like the withdrawal from substances than life or love … great writing!

    1. literaapoetry says:

      Hello Calmcate, thank you so much for your comment! It means a lot.. I am happy you enjoyed it. 🙂

  5. Nailed it!

    1. literaapoetry says:

      Thank you so much, so glad you enjoyed it! <3

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