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©rent24_Andreas Lukoschek_Oberwallstr_CommunityLounge
Picture: rent24, Andreas Lukoschek

The anticipation is great, because rarely we find so many colours! Today we take you to a great Space. And you know what? You will love it as much as we do, we are sure of that! In this article you can find out which Space we tried out to work with and why Alice in Wonderland was always in between.

Coworking Spot: rent 24
Location: Berlin Mitte

Wow, what a reception. Not bad, is it? And yes, I would like to move in. No question! I’m sure I’m not the only one, good thing is, Rent24 besides the CoWorking Space, it offers also CoLiving. Pretty smart! Meaning: Better together. But not these student flats with dirty stacked crockery, pizza leftovers and beer pong from last week. A kind of business shared flat: fancy. So you can network directly from your home and make contacts over a glass of wine. Unfortunately my shared flat experiences didn’t look like this… Pizza and techno music were more on my agenda… It’s a good thing that I’m out of there and can now settle down at Rent24. (haha!)

©rent24_Andreas Lukoschek_Oberwallstr_CommunityLounge
Picture: rent24, Andreas Lukoschek

In addition to CoWorking Space, rent24 also houses large, well-known companies such as: Telekom, Babbel, Tesla and Amazon. The public area of the Coworking Space extends over several floors. On the ground floor there is a kitchen, entertainment room with pool and foosball tables and a community lounge with sofas and work desks. All this in a colourful, gaudy and tasteful ambience with a view to the terrace. Quite unique flair! Many creative ideas and plans for Literaa Poetry were developed here… But we are not going to reveal too much ;).

©rent24_Andreas Lukoschek_Community_Lounge_Coliving-2

Picture: rent24, Andreas Lukoschek

It is hard to believe that this building was once a textile factory before the war. Since much of the complex remained after the war, the Stasi restored it during the GDR and continued to use it. Among the many rent24 Spaces that exist in Berlin (6 of them) and around the world, this one has the motto “Alice in Wonderland”. I am not surprised, because we also felt like in Wonderland. The colourful design radiates a good mood and great energy. There was even more good mood when I heard about the popcorn machine! (And I didn’t leave it anymore;))

We already told you in the past articles that we prefer a quiet atmosphere for writing and other ToDos. In the article”Always creative – Our method” you can read how we adapt our work to our environment and thus improve our productivity. We were productive today! In the afternoon we went to a quiet space, where we worked focused until the evening.

Office, Corporate, Photography
Picture: rent24, Andreas Lukoschek

As in Factory and CoWomen, networking is very important in this Space. Since most of the members are very tech-oriented, numerous events are organized on the topic of cryptocurrency. But not only: Cooking events, yoga classes, concerts, community breakfast/dinner are also available. We didn’t visit the events, but we’ll definitely come by for a concert!

Picture: rent24, Andreas Friese

Picture: rent24

We followed the popcorn trail and we found… a cinema! The room had enough space for a real film experience, and the big red velvet sofas are the cherry on top.

Picture: rent24, Andreas Lukoschek

Have you ever had a meeting like this before? Not many have! In case it get’s boring, you can just swing over your boss!
And then Alice sneaks up on us in Wonderland again. The clocks are hard to be overlooked 😉

Picture: rent24, Andreas Lukoschek

Picture: rent24, Andreas Lukoschek


  • Central Location
  • Huge Space with great design
  • Many fancy meeting rooms (14)
  • Quiet as well as loud community areas
  • Entertainment areas: Cinema, foosball/pool table
  • For tech-oriented freelancers
  • Free popcorn and beer 🙂

All in all we liked the Space very much, we can really recommend it! We were able to work very concentrated and productively and we felt very comfortable. We definitely liked the Community Lounge the best. Unfortunately there is no restaurant at rent 24, only kitchens, so you have to eat outside (which is not difficult, because there is a lot of choice in Mitte) or cook for yourself. If you are interested in tech topics and networking, then this is definitely the right place. We are very much in love with the Space and the design really made us feel we were characters in Alice in Wonderland!

Be sure to check out our Instagram. In our stories you can see some great insights from rent24. Don’t miss it!

©rent24_Andreas Lukoschek_Empfang_Coliving
Picture: rent24, Andreas Lukoschek

Thanks to rent24 for the invitation and the great day!

More info:

rent 24 Mitte
Oberwallstraße 6
10117 Berlin


What do you think about the Space and the motto Alice in Wonderland?
Which CoWorking Space did you like the most so far? Feel free to write it down in our comments.

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