Fiction: Spring of life – Chapter III


I always disagreed with my heart. It always pulled to dark end corners of my mind, where the impossible kept me afloat from the stillness of the life surrounding me. Always so behaved creatures, so controlled and straight. Mistreating and misbehaving the truth. The world needs more than the things it had so far. Change should be the ultimate goal on our minds.

Evolution. Breaking cycles, let the cracks open, let the new sprout. I was not like that, not until now. Calling myself a dreamer and ignoring its true meaning is not enough anymore. Chances like this may only came once, and in all my faults, I was still brave. Brave enough to say yes to something I don’t know yet, but that I know would set my fears on their way. We kept on talking for hours. The bright spring afternoon had now turned into a magical glowing evening. The seagulls had giving their space to endless flocks of sparrows, all in unison. They were telling everyone in the city that unity can create balance. Love. I was listening to them. “I hear you, my lively friends.” – I thought. Still staring at her eyes. The more I looked, the more they pierced my soul. I felt a river trying to break my hard shell made of stone, it would soon come through and it would never stop flowing. The truth coming from our mouths was magnetizing us.

Such love makes man humble to its thoughts. He surrenders himself. Here I am, naked to you. The look of a lovers eyes doesn’t lie. It is the mirror of a million truths draining down through his body. “Take them. Take me” – I kept thinking, as the night came along with a whispering breeze, bringing her scent to me. I could never came back from that. I would never want to.

Not long after, we separated from everyone. The night was only ours to take. We still felt battling against time. When would I see her again? I could not accept the lack of her sight, I must give my flesh and time to her. I was ready to follow her to the core of the earth or to the furthest corner of the Universe.

I heard all the poets that came before me, long and gone, talking straight at me, shouting, their voice echoed in my mind as if we were all inside a cathedral. They were telling me to hold her and to never let go. “Take her hand! Touch her hair and look straight into her eyes!” – They said.  Love created poetry, but in the moment it settles between two souls, words are meaningless and powerless. It is that raw moment of pure instinct that defines us as the beings we are.

We spent the rest of that night introducing every inch of our bodies to one another. Every inch of skin was felt like the last paradise to be conquered. The touch of our lips was the long awaited promise of a world with a future to behold.

I will always remember that day and night, and I will never give them fair words to describe. The man I am now, I never dreamt of being. Not of my own merit. No. We are far too small for the things our senses are able to feel. But I chose to accept them. That was my victory in life.

After that night, there was only one more string I needed to cut. There was no turning back from what was about to come.


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