Fiction: Golden Plains – Chapter II

We ran so fast that my sneakers sole was starting to come out.

A cloud of dust was beginning to rise with our rushed steps. I remember looking back one time, once we were far enough for me to have the courage to do it. The sun was almost catching the horizon, its blood red color combined with all the dust in the air made me feel I was seeing the earth burning. I could hear my brother sobbing. I wanted to stop and comfort him but I was too afraid for our lives. “Run, Miles!” – Those were the only words I was capable to pronounce at that time. We were about a half a mile away from the village when we spot a car coming towards us.

Miles just exploded with emotion. He couldn’t hold his tears no more as he was jumping and waving around his arms. I was afraid of who might be driving it. We didn’t knew what happened back on the creek and who was involved. I stretch one arm in front of Miles and I tell him to stop. He was too much in shock and he kept screaming for me to get out of the way. I grab him with my both arms and I look directly into his eyes. “We don’t know who’s inside that car! I won’t let anyone hurt you. Just stay behind me.” – I tell him. Whoever was driving the car hit the brakes so fast that the tires started to slide to the side. It lifted an entire sandstorm into the air. We heard the door opening. After that, we see a man figure shrouded by the dust. No one was moving. We had to wait until the dust cleared. This made Miles and me even more tense. Our throats were dry because of all the running and the fear itself. I was trying to say something but no words were coming out. “Hello?! Boys, come here!” – We hear the figure saying. “You scared the hell out of me! What are you doing here?!” – It continues. The dust blows off, finally we could see his face. I didn’t recognize him. Tall, skinny, wearing old jeans and a white shirt. This man seemed familiar, but I just couldn’t remember who he was. I catch a good glimpse of his eyes.

Enormous, strangely blue eyes. He almost looked like one of this deep water fishes with eyes that could eat your soul.

Enormous, strangely blue eyes. He almost looked like one of this deep water fishes with eyes that could eat your soul. But, in his case, the eyes weren’t frightening, quite the opposite, they were gentle and captivating. Something about this man makes you want to trust him. “Boys, are you alright? Why are you in the middle of the road jumping around?” – He continues. I wanted to trust him and say what we just saw, but… I needed to think about my little brother, my priority was to protect him, and I don’t know this man, so, I said nothing. I hear Miles moaning on my back, I sense he wanted to say something. He just couldn’t handle the anxiety anymore. He jumps out of my back and screams – “Our friend is dead!! We saw him dead!” – The man just freezes. I was staring at his big eyes and I could see that he was honestly surprised and confused. He wanted to be in that situation as much as we did. “Boy, what are you talking about? Where are your parents?!” – He responded. “It’s true. We wouldn’t lie about this.” – I said. I figured it was too late to run from him. “Where is your friend? You know what, show me. Come with me boys.” – He said. I still wasn’t sure about this guy, but Miles pretty much made the decision for us. He ran inside the car as soon as the man opened the door. We both sat on the back. I wasn’t comfortable being next to him. “So, where is he?? – He said as soon as he got inside the car. “10 minutes down the road, we saw his foot on a ditch.” – Miles responded. “What are your names, boys? And what were you doing out here anyway? “– He asked. “My name is Miles, and this is my brother, Joel” – My brother answered. “Well, nice to meet you boys, I’m Tim. You don’t want to tell me what you were doing here?” – He again asks. “We were catching frogs in the creek, with John and Peter. John’s mother came to pick him up and Peter also left. Me and my brother stayed for a while longer and when we were coming back, we saw John’s foot on a ditch.” – Miles told him. “How do you know it was your friend’s foot, Miles?” – Tim asked. “It had his sneakers!! I’m sure of it! We also heard someone screaming… that’s why we ran back.” – Miles responded. Tim was quiet after that and he started to drive faster. I was silent the whole time, still not wanting to believe on what was happening. I just wanted to think about grandma and grandpa sitting on the porch enjoying the evening breeze and how much I wanted to be with them. I loved car rides. I felt a bit guilty afterwards for enjoying the ride, looking at the sunset catching the wheat, seeing the sunlight passing throw it. My brain wanted to flee from that situation, and it did. I was just a kid, living something that no kid should live. I forgave myself long ago for not feeling so bad at that moment.

I felt a bit guilty afterwards for enjoying the ride, looking at the sunset catching the wheat, seeing the sunlight passing throw it.

“Stop!” – Miles shouted. Tim hits the brakes again too suddenly, and a cloud of dust rose into the air again. “Stay in the car boys.” – Tim said to us. We weren’t planning on leaving it anyway. We pressed our faces against the window to try to see John. Tim gets out of the car. He starts to wave his hands, trying to get the dust out of the way. We couldn’t hear anything. No screams. Tim was silent also. The dust cleared, but we still couldn’t see anything. Miles gets out of the car. “Hey! Get back here! – I shouted at him. He didn’t care. I had to get out too. The 3 of us were looking at the ditch, in line with each other. Nothing. No John, no sneakers, not even stirred earth. “I’m taking you boys home.” – Tim said, breaking the awkward silence. We get back into the car and he starts driving back. What the hell did we saw before? I couldn’t stop thinking. I knew that someone was on that ditch, and the screams… That wasn’t right. I scream at Tim to stop – “Let us out of the car!” – I said. “Joel, what are you doing?! I want to get back to grandma!” – Miles screamed mad at me. “Your brother is right, Joel. I’m taking you kids home.” – Tim said. No way was I going home without knowing what happened. I open the car door and I put my leg outside. Tim stops the car immediately. “Are you crazy, boy?!” – He screams. I grab my brother’s arm and I get out of the car with him. Tim gets out too and starts walking to catch us – “Get back here!” – He screams. I stop. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” – He screams again while he catches up with us. “Quiet.” – I say. “What?! Don’t you dare tell me to be quiet, boy!” – He says. “Quiet!” – I say again loudly. Tim was about grab one of my ears, when… He hears it too. “HELP!!” – Someone screams in the distance.  Now he has heard it too, there was no coming back.


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