Fiction: A friendship

You said you wanted to spend so many more summers with me.
You wanted to see so much more.
“The world, in all its width.” You said.
With me.
You wanted to taste the salty taste of the ocean,
bathe in the sea of emotions.
You wanted to flee reality, to be everywhere,
but not with yourself. “So let’s go, now!” You wrote.
You have always been a fascination for me.
Fascinatingly beautiful and dangerous.

Soul mates. You called it that.
“Never again without you.”
You whispered in my ear.
I felt our souls dancing together.
No waltz. Tango.
I get dizzy in the process.
I did not want it to stop.
Even if you were leading and even if it was a dance for survival.

You repeated again and again how special it was between us.
And intimately. “Only you. Just us.”
I believed you.

I always had the feeling that I loved you too much.
Too much for a friendship.
The thought of losing you was always on my mind.
Too real for a dream. Too beautiful to be true.

I knew you wanted depth.
You were always longing for it.
I just didn’t know that you would empty me instead.
Now I am here. A somebody, a nobody, a something.

You said fire was not dangerous,
why do I keep burning myself?
You wanted to play catch,
but why do we always end up hiding?

When you disappeared you only left silence.
And the summer.
The summer you wanted to spend with me.


How dangerous were your friendships?

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  1. brilliant ibd been through this and I can relate things people can say can have a huge impact and I found myself tangled a messed up in the hope of some wanting to make me thier one but it never happend. longing, and sadness, but clinging the the hope and the happiness they once made you feel.

    1. literaapoetry says:

      Dear Lettersyoullneversee, thank you so much for your beautiful comment and your beautiful words! Yes, I can imagine that we somehow end up in these twisted, toxic relationships/ friendships. So beautiful words.. Its the longing, the hope.. You are so right! Its the emotions that make us addictive.. But as long as we see that we are more conscious about it and can avoid it. Do you feel the same way

      1. yeah defiantly, it’s addictive but once the spell is broken it takes time to realise what was going on, which can also be interpreted as a downer that’s how I feel right now just coming out of a terrible relationship. Waiting for the pick up ☺ ♥ hope you are well!

  2. my poem obsessed is similar xx take care

    1. literaapoetry says:

      Dear Lettersyoullneversee, really? How amazing is that? I will definitely check it out! Take care too you beautiful soul

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