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Women. We are loving, courageous, strong and self-confident … At least that’s how we appear on the outside. But are we really? Or are they just masks that we wear every day? I know great women who are perfect inside and out. They seem strong, charming and courageous. But when we enter into soul talk mode, it comes to light what these women really think about themselves: “I have no talents”, “I’m too fat”, “I’m incapable of relationships”. These are the first lines Daniela Batista des Santos writes for a blog post for Im Gegenteil. Strong and true words. That makes it all the more important that we enter into a healthy dialogue with ourselves. Dani is a coach and the founder of the Circle of Wonderwomen in Hamburg. We talked with her to find out what do we need to have a healthy relationship with ourselves.

After her trip to Bali Dani decided to become self-employed and founded Circle of Wonderwoman. In this project she unites women not only with each other, but also with their inner self, an authentic way to find themselves and their intuition. We find this admirable and wanted to ask Dani about it.


  • What do you understand by “access to yourself”?

For me, it means listening to one’s intuition. Because I am convinced that our intuition always reflects who we really are and what we want. In my life I have often made decisions that sounded very crazy to others, like starting The Circle of Wonderwomen. But trusting my intuition has always shown me the right way.

  • Does access to oneself also have to do with self-love?

Absolutely! Self-love is crucial for us to be able to accept ourselves, respecting and loving what our intuition finally shows us.


  • Which core areas must be fulfilled for healthy access to oneself?

For me there are three building blocks that we should “nourish” regularly.

1. The Physical
2. The Spiritual
3. The Soul

These three components must be fulfilled in order to regain access to oneself, to pay special attention to them and never to disregard them. With a healthy access to yourself, you can walk much more self-determined through life. You become a Wonder Woman who can realize all her dreams.


  • What do you think are the most common reasons to lose access to onelsef?

The list is actually very long. On the one hand there are social structures and on the other there are inner fears. But especially negative beliefs and structures that we adhere to within ourselves. Often things that we experienced and learned as children.

  • How can one find or strengthen access to oneself?

Actually quite simple: We only need one thing…. Rest. This is something so simple that we have forgotten today. If we create silence on the outside, we automatically create silence on the inside. The view to the inside is the key to us. If we look outside for answers, we will never find them.

  • Is there anything concrete that can be done about it today?

Yes, to consciously create “Me-Time”. Time for us in which we don’t do anything and don’t deal with worries or tasks, but are only with ourselves, creating a barrier between us and the stress and all the hustle and bustle. To travel in nature or alone can help a lot. To go into oneself and create space for more.

Thanks Dani for the great interview!
Did you like it as much as we did and what do you do to find access to yourself?

Write it down in the comments.

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Daniela Batista dos Santos is a podcaster, author and founder of The Cirlcle of Wonderwomen. With her work she supports women in leading a self-determined life. Her podcast “The Wonderwoman Podcast” records 2 million downloads and reaches women all over the world. Her work focuses on the Wonderwoman Circles. The Wonderwoman Circles are places where women can dream again. Authenticity and vulnerability are the focus here. The aim is to help women find their own individual way to be happy through the strength of the group.

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  1. These are my favorite. Love these interviews. Thank you for the great format and interviewees!!

    1. literaapoetry says:

      Dear Transparent247, thank you for this awesome comment! We are soo happy you enjoy it.. Warms our heart! Oh yeees, we will definitely continue: Soon with our Podcast where we will also invite different guests 🙂

  2. MerWoman says:

    I love this article and am thoroughly enjoying your work overall. I quoted this article in my recent article “Asking For Help: Whoa No To WooHoo.” Thank you for the great work!

    1. literaapoetry says:

      Wow!! You warm our hearts.. Thank you so so much, its so nice to see that you are enjoying it! Its means the world to us. Keep shining so bright 😍🌠

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