Fiction: Golden Plains – Chapter III

A sea of sparrows lifts into the air. It was like the entire golden fields were reaching to the sky. We were all trying to see beyond them. Thousands and thousands of fleeting shadows cutting our sight. The chirping coming from all sides made it impossible to understand from where the screams where coming from. “Stay behind me, boys!!”- Tim screamed. Mile’s was behind me holding my shoulders. I did what Tim said. I could see in his eyes he was afraid but at the same time focused. I still don’t know what made me trust him up until that moment, and especially on that moment. “I won’t let anything happen to you, boys. Just stay put!” – He continued.

It was beautiful. The thought of death and impending doom was on my mind, but… that dance of life, the smell of the earth being risen by the sparrows wings, the sun ever so orange. The curtains covering the stage were more beautiful than the stage itself. A play before the play. Nature is the ultimate escape to reality, for it is more real than any broken dream, hope, or even to the thought of our oblivion. We came to be because of her, with her we perpetuate beyond any human perception of existence. On that moment it was my strength to carry on.  

Not so far away, running away between the wheat I saw a figure that resembled a person. I called Mile’s and Tim’s attention. “There’s someone on the field!” – I screamed. I could see Tim was struggling to make an action. He wanted to go after whoever was running on the field, but at the same time he felt he had to take care of us. I knew I had to do something. I turned back to my brother and looking dead serious into his eyes I told him to get back to the car and to not even think about getting outside. “Don’t leave me, Joel!! I’m scared and I don’t know what to do!” – Mile’s said, crying. “I know little brother. I’m scared to death too, but John could be hurt, I need to do something! If you stay here nothing will happen to you, whoever is doing this is running away from us, and I don’t think they’ll come back. Stay in the car, please, I’ll come back for you.” – I told him. I wasn’t sure of what I was doing. That situation was fucked up beyond any recognition at that point, and I felt our “team” was pinned down by the enemy.

I acted. After I dropped Miles inside the car I started running towards the field. Tim wasn’t aware of us at that point. I passed right through him like a thunder, only after two seconds he realized what was happening. “Wait! Get back here!” – He shouted at me, but it was no use. I was in a mission. I kept running through the wheat not seeing a palm in front of me besides the sunlight making its way through the crops, making the dust shine like a star constellation. I kept hearing Tim shouting at me to stop. I knew he was coming after me and that only gave me more confidence to keep going. At least I wasn’t alone. I didn’t knew to which side to turn until I heard rushed footsteps coming from my right. I stopped for a second to try to hear better what was happening. I focused my sight towards it.

A gust of wind flew through the field opening a clearing ahead. I will never forget what I saw. Something was in the ground on four legs. No animal could have a look like that. It was aware of me. Not just of my presence. It knew me. On the top of its head he had a bundle of straw, resembling a nest. It was put together with wire. Its torso was covered by dry mud and flies. Its legs were covered with orange fur. I couldn’t understand if they were their real legs or if the fur was from a dead animal. The strangest thing was… It had a tail. Orange with a white end. A fox’s tail I first thought, but no fox could have a tail so big. It tilted its head slightly to one side. It was then when I saw its eyes. The Iris were coming from up to down, like I frog. They were from a color I didn’t yet seen. Golden, but not. Red, perhaps, but not really. I was paralyzed.

But I remember, I was not scared at that point. This immense curiosity took over me, almost admiration. The creature sketched a smile. I stretched one of my arms to him. Suddenly, it took off, in a speed and agility I’ve never seen before or since. At that same time, Tim grabbed my shoulder, breaking my bubble state. I look at him. His mouth was wide open and his big round and balloon sized eyes were full of dread. I knew he had seen it too. His grip was getting stronger, it was starting to hurt me. “You’re hurting me, stop!” – I said. “What the hell were you thinking…?” – He whispered in a dead serious way. “Where is your brother?” – He continued. “Did you saw it? I know you did.” – I replied instead of answering his question.

“Boy, I’m going to ask you one last time. Where is your brother?” – He said. He was right, that all thing was too much for us, we had to go home. “He’s waiting for us at the car.” – I finally said. Tim shoves me to his front and tells me to start walking. Before I could even take one step we heard a motor starting. “Miles!! What are you doing?!” – I screamed. We both start running towards the car. When we were almost out of the field we could hear the car driving away. “Stop!!!” – I kept screaming. Finally we come out of the wheat. The car was gone. Again, a cloud of golden dust was the only evidence we had. At the distance, in the direction to where the car drove off, I saw it again. Between the shroud of lifting dirt. I knew it was it. I could never mistake those eyes.


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