Wanderlust: Travel as an Elixir of Inspiration

If you have to create new things all the time, you need inspiration. The best recipe? Travel.
For me there is nothing better, my greatest passion. My favourite stories that I tell, my most beautiful memories that I look back on. Sometimes I am inspired by character traits, a certain café or the evening flair of a city. Sometimes details of several people merge. Maybe a situation that I reproduce or a feeling. As an author, travelling is an absolute must. And for you, too. The reasons for that I will tell you in this article.

Reason number 1.) Change of perspective and width

Unlike at home, where the daily grind and the habit of what is poisonous for inspiration can quickly occur, a new environment does wonders. When you enter a new country, it means new language, new customs, new people.
Isn’t that exciting? Suddenly you have to function and think differently. This drives you to see and perceive things in a different manner. To the smallest detail and with all your senses: You will taste food differently and smell the smell of nature. You will feel the freshness of the sea and see the bright colours of the city.
As you see more and experience everything more intensely, your awareness of what is new also expands, stimulating the creative process. Writing a book? A work of art or a dance performance? – Yes please!

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Reason number 2.) New encounter with yourself

Especially if you are travelling alone, you will always have a special encounter with yourself. Moreover in extreme situations. Since you are always exposed to a new situation, you have to constantly adapt yourself and these in turn bring you out of the comfort zone again and again. Sometimes it is people who accompany us over a short distance, sometimes it is a special conversation that triggers, drives or changes us. Sometimes a small side street, sometimes a breathtaking nature scene. For me it was a great experience to constantly jump over my shadow and observe myself again and again. “Hello fear! “Hello doubt! – Were also companions on my journey. A few years ago I would never have thought it possible to travel alone as a woman. I was stuck on the thought: “As a woman, alone?
Even with the thought, a panic fear drove through me. But: Why actually? Don’t I master everyday life here alone? Then why do you limit yourself so much?

It was quite simple, the fear of the great unknown, the fear of losing control. Because everyday life there would look different than in the usual Berlin. There the comfort zone immediately twitches. It doesn’t shrug immediately, but almost screams! That was what I needed: “An extreme therapy”, as I called it.
And before I knew it, I booked a ticket to the Philippines. For one month. I didn’t know exactly where to go, I planned nothing. I wanted to let everything come to me. And yes, if I have now given you a heart attack, I am sorry. This is a very drastic therapy measure. But you know what? My fears are gone. Just as my comfort zone becomes less hysterical. Because with all the problems and situations I have coped really well and feel stronger than ever. Since the last trip I have been travelling alone three times. Every time far away, every time without planning and every time unforgettable experiences. For me it was the strongest growth and the best lessons of my life.

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Reason number 3.) Storyteller

All these memories, all these impressions are stored in your memory and no matter how you express yourself, you can tell it in your very own way. Your very own story. Because the way you experience, perceive, feel and tell the experiences, they are absolutely unique.

So inspiration can be anything. A sudden idea, as a clear insight or an interesting thought. As you see it, it is up to you. But one thing is for sure:
The word Inspiration comes from the Latin word Inspiratio “to breathe life, spirit, soul”.
So why don’t you breathe in more soul in the future?

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What is inspiring you most? Tell us about it in the comments.

Masha is the founder of Literaa Poetry and the better half of Pedro. 
She likes to write columns and lifestyle topics and takes care of the editorial staff.
Read more about Masha here.

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  1. Belle Pray says:

    I must say I enjoyed this post so much! So true and great views on perspectives of wanderlust!

    Much love,
    Belle ❤️

    1. literaapoetry says:

      Hello dear Belle, thank you so so much for your nice comment! Means a lot to us! Inspiration especially while you are traveling creates so beautiful and special moments .. We wish you a lot of them ! ❤️

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      ❤️Thank you so much Aparna!😍

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