Why less is always more

Oh, wow. How long we waited for the summer. How nice to see Berlin finally blossoming. Berlin can be very sad, lonely and lethargic in winter… Dragging our mood with it. To escape the cold there is only one solution: Go away from Berlin. Choose a country with beautiful beaches and high temperatures and go!  Bye grey skies, hello sun!

We don’t want to think about the winter. God forbid! We would like to give you some warm thoughts from our last trip.

1.) Less is more – Expectations

GOSH, right on the first day of my “writing holiday” my laptop broke down.  AMAZING, right? You can read more about this little adventure in the article “A few thoughts from Vietnam”. Nevertheless, things couldn’t have gone better for me. Yes, I can imagine that you are a bit shocked now. But I was really grateful. Because I can tell you one thing: I wasn’t expecting that. What I imagined was to sit relaxed in an idyllic nature scene and write perfectly. A perfect setting, a perfect atmosphere. But that’s not always the case in life, because it always comes differently. And you can’t keep up with your expectations anyway. And if I had only focused on my laptop and my work, I would hardly have noticed these little miracles in everyday life. You know what I’m getting at, don’t you? Expect less, let it come to you. And then it usually gets better and better!

  2.)        Less is more – Possession

Let me describe it in terms of a situation. In the midst of this turbulent traffic, a somewhat
older woman with her vegetable stall walks by. She crosses the street calmly and walks as
slowly as if she were taking a relaxed evening stroll in the park, completely blocking out the
traffic to her left and right. At the corner her basket tears and all the vegetables wander
across the street. Without even a second to trust the loss, without breaking out in panic, she
slowly picks up the vegetables piece by piece. Just as slowly as before. Some hurry to help
and she smiles warmly. The speed around her hardly changes, it remains chaotic. But she
keeps a serenity that I have rarely experienced in my life. 

3.)        Less is more – Fears

The same week I sat in a small café and wrote a few lines. It was raining cats and dogs. You know what you can cross off from your packing list for your next vacation? Your fears. You canreally leave them at home. Because they don’t help you when you’re travelling, I had to realize that quickly. Either way, you will have no control over what will happen. Similar to the expectations. It applies also to fear, less of it and just let things happen. Spontaneity lets you be
very present and live in the moment.

The moral of the story: Less is more 🙂

What have you learned out of your last travels? Write it in the comments below.

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