COLLAB: Soulful Fluid Art

There are many ways to express yourself. Some do it through words, others through art, dance, movement or music … So many ways to speak, so many ways to be heard or seen. All poetry, in our opinion.
Do you have any idea what intuition, yoga and art have in common? Today we find out!

COLLAB – That’s the name of our new cattegory, and its purpose is to bring to life new exciting collaborations,
to give you many exciting insights into the art world and to learn more about artists. Maybe some of you have already noticed it… Every month we change our starting picture on Literaa Poetry to a magnificent work of art by very great and talented artists: Our Artist of the Month. With whom do we have the honour today and what does it all have to do with intuition? This time it’s Tina Wawrzyniak:
Artist and yoga teacher specialized in Fluidart.


I believe that creative expression dwells in everyone and is just waiting to be tickled awake. And I believe that every person carries a unique treasure, a special gift. It is our task in life to find this treasure, to make it shine and to share it with other people.

“Life shines brightest when you paint it with your own colors.”

For me this journey began with the decision to become a yoga teacher. I had taught for a long time but I felt the desire to pass on deep wisdom. The more yoga I practiced, the more I came into a state of being and letting go. I transformed this felling of emptiness into abundance and joy and followed my creative call…my soul call. I took my colours out of the cupboard, bought big – even huge – canvases, tried many different techniques and immersed myself in this colourful world. And then Peng… one day I had found what gave me the most pleasure. Fluid Art summarizes for me what moves me the most. Namely to explore the space where there are no expectations, but only to let things happen – and to let go.

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“It doesn’t matter what you do as an artist. It is important in which state of consciousness you do it.” Marina Abramovic

Fluid Art cannot be controlled (as we might want to control so much in life), this technique gives absolute freedom and a never before found devotion to what wants to be on the canvas. You learn to take things as they come, just like yoga. It’s a fascination that I can’t even put into words.

After many detours in my life after my own deep transformation processes, I follow the path of the artist with heart and full of love. Every picture that emerges is pure freedom – Pure Connection. The plans for the future are big, this path of the heart leaves room for many things and I am incredibly grateful.

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Read this article in German.

Tina Wawrzyniak is a passionate artist (Fluidart) and yoga teacher. You can find more about her on her Homepage and her Instagram.

Masha is the founder of Literaa Poetry and the better half of Pedro. 
She likes to write columns and lifestyle topics and takes care of the editorial staff. Read more about Masha here.

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