Fiction: Golden Plains – Chaper IV

My entire self was dominated by the vision of the beast. I was not on earth anymore. What mind could comprehend what just happened? Not the one of a 14 year old kid. My brother was gone. My friend was gone. Fantastic beasts were roaming around in the fields, and the only one who could help was an old skinny man whom I had just met. Tim starts walking like he had lost all his strenght, dwindling down the road into the direction of the settling dust. He drops down on his knees after a few steps. I felt something inside me trying to get out, to run and scream as fast and loud as I could, but somehow it couldn’t get out.

My eyes were wide open. I was looking into an abyss. They turned into glass capturing only outside reflections. Bit by bit, my legs started moving. I walked towards Tim. As I was on his back, he looked at me from below. I couldn’t move my face to look at him, at first. I sensed his look of dread and despair even if I wasn’t looking at him directly. After a few seconds I couldn’t hold it anymore. I looked at him. My glass eyes started to turn red and wet. I screamed. I screamed like a piece of me was being thorned apart. I screamed like I was telling the world how much I hated it and how much I was fed up with it. Tim screamed back at me. This lasted for a good 10 seconds. When I couldn’t scream anymore I just blasted into the road, into the direction of wherever my brother went to. Tim couldn’t get up at first, he started screaming my name: “Joel!!” – He keeps shouting. I wouldn’t stop for anything in this world. When he’s able to finally gather his courage to put himself up and try to catch me, I was already a small figure far away leaving behind a yellow cloud trail to be found.

All around the horizon there were smoke clouds rising. Black and thick smoke. I was starting to smell it in the air. Something was definitely burning, and it wasn’t the wheat. The sky was turning red and the light becoming dimer. I felt engulfed in a dark fantasy world. Still, I kept running, the world might have ended and I would still kept on running at that point. I couldn’t hear Tim anymore. I guess he just couldn’t keep up with me. The dust road kept on going and going, I felt I wasn’t getting closer to nowhere. Suddenly a gust of wind blew strong from my right side. So strong I almost fell. I had to stop. That’s when I heard. Something was running besides me, on the wheat field. I didn’t care, I couldn’t stop. I kept on running, looking at the field at the same time. Immediately I saw something. A huge tail, orange and white at the bottom, coming out on the top of the wheat. I couldn’t see to what it belonged to, but I had a good idea. I didn’t know what to do besides running, so that’s what I kept doing. Not far ahead, the creature jumped from the field to the road, right in front of me. At that point I stopped. It was just me and it. Eyes fixed on each other. I jump into the side of the road and grab a rock from the ditch. I stretch my arm back to throw it. The creature didn’t move. It just leaned its head like it was confused. “Get out of my way!”- I scream at it. Nothing. Not a sound. I throw the rock aiming its head. BAM! Right between the eyes. Still nothing. It didn’t seem hurt at all. No reaction. “What’s your problem?! What do you want?!”- I ask. Out of nowhere, it gets up only in two feet. It was as tall as a telephone pole. My blood froze. My skin turned white as marble. That thing was going to kill me, I was sure.

The creature opens its mouth and squeaks one of the loudest acute noises I’ve ever heard. My ears started buzzing. I kind of wished at that moment for that thing to kill me, I couldn’t bear to hear that sound anymore! It stops and looks back. From afar I could hear the same kind of high pitch noise. First one time. Then two times, and then more… They were coming.

I just wanted to keep running, and the beast knew it. Looking into its eyes I could see that it recognized me. It didn’t speak but it could definitely think. For some reason it wanted me there. The ground starts shaking. The creature changes its behavior suddenly. It gets the higher it can still on its two feet. It starts growling and showing its teeth. In a split second, it jumps towards me. That’s was it, I thought I was gone, but… It jumped over me. I look back. I couldn’t believe my eyes. After everything I had seen that day, I was still not ready for that. Ten feet away, the earth was gone. Yes, gone. Just black, stretching as far as my eyes could see, I could still see the difference between the ground and the sky, somehow. My heart have never beaten so fast until that moment. I fall on my knees. The vision was just too surreal for my mind to conceive it. Something started to move… It was like the vision of the void was being mirrored from a central focal point. It felt like something was coming out of it… Out of nowhere. The creature, which was now between me and the void, begins to walk back towards. It wasn’t hostile, I started to feel that it was indeed shielding me. But from what?

Two enormous yellow bright eyes open up in the same place where the void seemed to be being mirrored. My heart is going to stop. I’m breathing too fast. The creature puts its tail around me. Immediately after that, slowly, two gigantic black arms start to come out of the void, beneath the big yellow eyes. They were like tree branches, from an old and rotten tree, with pointy and sharp edges. The arms keep stretching until they are directly on top of us. The creature screams. Hell, I screamed! Maybe even louder than it! He grabs me with its tail and immediately starts running away into the opposite direction from the hands. It puts me on its back. Holy shit. What the hell is happening? I just couldn’t stop asking myself. That thing was actually saving my life. We were running away fast. Me on its back. I look back and I can’t see the hands no more. Instead, it was now the void trying to catch up with us. The end of the world was after me, and I was riding a beast that looks like coming from a Stephen King’s novel to get away from it.

The other creatures start to appear on the horizon as we keep trying to distance ourselves from the void. “No way!”- I screamed. I could see also Tim’s car. Miles is coming out of it! “Run! Miles, run!”- I shout as loud as I can trying to make my brother hear me. He starts to wave his hands to me. That’s it, were going to make it! “Run, Miles! Ru…!”- I was screaming when… I feel myself being pulled away into the air. My lungs were being pressed to hard I couldn’t speak or even breathe. The giant hand had caught me. I was high above the clouds when I finally saw it.

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