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Hey you wonderful being!
There is once again exciting news from Literaa Poetry.
If you are interested, read more.

First of all we want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! You are great.
Thank you for supporting us so far, reading our articles diligently and maybe even leaving some nice messages or comments here and there. You can’t imagine how motivated and happy this makes us. The whole thing was created just for you, to inspire you with many new ideas, thought-provoking impulses, to sweeten your everyday life and to spur or motivate you. We believe that with healthy thoughts we can also create a healthy life and are on a journey of discovery, where we publish many stories full of empathy, love and depth. Because that is what we think it should be much more present in society.
We love to write down thoughts, to bring exciting interview partners into the boat and it still gives us pleasure to see that it arrives and you appreciate it. So, now enough confessions of love, let’s get down to business:

Literaa Poetry is now exactly 7 months old, although we are still in our infancy, we are steadily growing and maybe we will soon become a real giant baby or something!
Enough fun. So what will change?

  • New Design
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Tadaaa! We will change to a new, wonderful design very soon! It will be great. (And I know we’re super “modest” but it’s really true!) So don’t be scared if the page suddenly looks different in the next few weeks. Don’t worry, it’s still us 🙂 And trust us, you will like it!

  • T-Shirts
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*drumroll* There will be T-shirts from Literaa! Together with a wonderful illustrator we will have beautiful drawings with the most popular quotes from our Instagram that will be available online soon. To stay up to date, sign up for our newsletter!

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Since we have so many exciting plans we will postpone the podcast. First of all because we want to commit ourselves honestly and seriously. Of course we will inform you as soon as we have news! Basically, our goal is to keep growing in order to offer you more valuable, inspiring content. So feel free to write us if you have great ideas or even want to contribute yourself!

We send you a lot of love from Berlin! Keep shining bright!
Your Literaa Poetry Team
Pedro & Masha

Artikel auf Deutsch lesen.

Masha is the founder of Literaa Poetry and the better half of Pedro. 
She likes to write columns and lifestyle topics and takes care of the editorial staff. Read more about Masha here.

Pedro is the founder of Literaa Poetry and the better half of Masha. He loves Fiction and loves to dive into worlds beyond reality. 
Read more about Pedro here.

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    Nice post!

    1. literaapoetry says:

      Thank you so much!! 🙂

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