Thinkpiece: Coming Back to Life

A letter to all my brothers and sisters sitting in the middle of the barricades.

I feel you. The cold you feel in your lonely room filled with pictures of past dreams.
I hear you. Your silent cries for a better day muffled by the sounds of the war of the self-entitled heroes of a dying world.
The silence roams through the land of the brave, where the rain brought from the sea of tears, cried by the ones that are already gone, soaks into your bones and keeps you forever trapped in their sorrow.
I see you. A thousand miles away, your rebel look, your dry skin, the dark cover you wear to grieve for us all.
I see you looking at me and I see your eyes changing to a sweet soft calling for love. Remembering the days where you knew how it felt to be someone.
I see the time you spent searching for a truth that never existed and the hope you still have.
You are the most worthy of love.
The earth is still a warm place as long as you keep breathing.
I promise you, your breath is the wind that crosses the seas bringing life to the fields of souls yearning what you yearn.
And with that promise I give you my love forever knowing that you will ever give yours.


Pedro is the founder of Literaa Poetry and the better half of Masha. He loves Fiction and loves to dive into worlds beyond reality. 
Read more about Pedro here.

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  1. thesimlux says:

    Inspiring words!

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