Fiction: The Rapturous Void

Guest article

She lived in the space
between wanting and not having
where a deep, obsessive longing
roared through her limbs
like a second heart
punching her from the inside   

but there’s beauty in that void
between wanting and not having
it shoots you up to the starry heavens
spinning in mad, desirous circles
over a blue-black sky

it crept into her quiet moments 
this hunger for memories
tugging at her softest corners
begging for a reprise
but it didn’t mean she was lonely
or broken, or empty

this fiery yearning
belonged to her
it was the profundity of feeling
that simmered through her veins
and the new layers of skin
that swaddled her tenderness
she was not left wanting for love
she was love

Beautiful text by:
Rosamund Brennan

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