Soul Talk: A hymn to nature

“A hymn to nature” this is how the artist Floortje Louise named one of her photography projects.
We all are constantly going through changes in life.. And thats exactly what she tells about. She tells about the life cycle, the infinity and the spiritual meaning of the seasons.
Poetic, tender and peaceful, that’s what we felt when we first saw her paintings. We didn’t want to withhold that from you. We met Floortje and spoke about her art, about the key to ourselves, her beliefs, the meaning of nature and its core message.

How did you come to the decision to choose this type of art?

I watch and see things in detail, I am a very visual thinker. This is why I see beauty on a deeper and more detailed level than most people, I think. With ‘a hymn to nature’ I combined nature and her hidden beauty with a piece of styling and photography. It’s so fascinating to give something so ‘accessible’ and ‘normal’ like nature extra value by capturing them als jewels. 

On your homepage you spoke of growth. Is that the core message of your art? 

Growth is not the core message of my art. I look for words that cover the subject – and the picture you are referring to is about growth for me (it’s a picture from the spring season – my artprints are partitioned by seasons). Behind the artprints from ‘a hymn to nature’, the photography project we are talking about,  there is a philosophy. The cycle of the seasons. The artprints express the details from this cycle in an abstract way. If you look hard enough you see the whole cycle in every, even tiniest element of nature. I want to inspire people to look at their own natural cycle, your own life cycle also has its seasons, and we are in  need to tune into it. The nature knows a cycle from growth and nourishment: spring. To excitement and abundance: summertime. To releasing and letting go: autumn. To the time of turning inward and silence: wintertime. The trees let go of their leaves in autumn because you can’t have unlimited growth, they have to make room for next year’s growth in springtime. In mostly the western world, it’s always high summertime and that’s why we seriously deplete our resources. With ‘a hymn to nature’ I want to inspire to see nature as a mirror and let go of our leaves just on time! 

On your website you posted the quote:  “nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction”. What do you mean by this?

 Oh my, I love this quote from Edward O. Wilson, perhaps the greatest ecologist the world have ever known. This quote says it all for me and ratifies my concept. The nature gives you all the answers you need: we need nature to stay in tune with ourselves. Especially at this moment as the world becomes more high-tech. How much more should every person have a right to access the natural world, because that connection is part ‘of our humanity’. Nature heals, nature brings our senses alive, nature is our source we come from.

What does nature mean to you? What’s your connection to it?

For me nature is a reflection of ourselves. By being aware of my part in nature, that we are nothing else than nature, I see it as the biggest source of inspiration. But also as the only way to connect with your true self, to get really back on track. 

Were you inspired by your name Floortje (floortje.louise)? 

No, my real name is Floortje, and my second name is Louise. Because these artprints are an expression of ME, my own nature, I decided to keep it simple and pure. And for me, the dot in between my double-name is to symbolize the connection between all the elements on earth. We are all connected! 

You play with a lot of aesthetic elements in your art pieces. Is this how you see nature?

 For me nature is pure aesthetics, yes. Everything is really shaped by the environment, nothing is identical. That makes it so magical and beautiful to me: the organic growth. For me nature is the biggest inspiration source we have endless access to. Nature is fascinating, nature is the purest form of ART.

What do you process in your art and what do you want to express?

Process; Express. The cycle of seasons, to connect more with our own natural life cycle mentioned already. And of course, I want people to admire my photography and artprints. It’s not only the story behind it.

Why should we connect more with nature?

To keep ourselves more in balance, to manage our energy levels, to connect with her endless inspirational sources, the language she speaks. Her purity. Just as we humans are!

Thank you for this Interview!
If you want to check out more of Floortje´s Art check out her Homepage and her Instagram

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