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Writing Mantras for Every Day

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Have you ever observed your own thoughts? Have you ever noticed the circus going on in your mind? We think around 60,000 thoughts a day and most of them are recurring thoughts trapped in a thought pattern. Isn’t that frightening? It’s only logical that our subconscious is overburdened with it and can no longer distinguish negativity from positivity. So the more negatively we think, the more we manifest it in our everyday life.

Why Writing Mantras can Change your Life.

When I understood this, a whole world opened up for me. It was clear to me that I had to apply this to my writing process as well. In order to get my fears and doubts under control, I first began to observe my fears when I started to write down all my thoughts. “I won’t be able to do anything today,” “I can’t write,” “What am I doing here at all?” Yes, exactly such thoughts and many more. With this process I faced the fear. The more I faced the fear, the smaller it became. Then every morning I began to recite these writing mantras in front of the mirror in order to implement new thoughts into my consciousness and replace them with the old ones. You won’t believe how much it helped me and what a tremendous power it has to give me good thoughts every day than to feed us with negativity and fear. Here are 20 Mantras just for you! We wish luck with your transformation!

20 Mantras

Yours, Masha.

What Mantras do you use? What’s your favorite one? Leave us a comment!

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