Thoughts: The Big Drop

There I was. Hoping and hopping. Eager to get something I don’t want. Apply. Put on your mask and smile. Study your cliché list, memorize it, some jokes maybe? No, too much. Who has time to laugh? Put your head down and let them absorb you. Feel the anxiety mixed with a monochord vomiting of…

From urban jungle to true connections

I always liked to write in nature. My best works were created in the early morning hours in the rice terraces in Philippines. Well, maybe this place is not nearly like the rice terraces but not bad either, come on! In the Café “the greens” there are at least as many plants as in the…

Fancy in Factory

Factory – Görlitzer Park Coworking-Space Spot: Factory Görlitzer Park Location: Berlin Kreuzberg/Treptow

Thoughts: In the middle of nowhere – Why are we so lost?

But who is making all the decisions at the end of the day? “I don’t know what I want to do yet, not when, not how.” This is one of the most frequent sentences I’ve heard in Berlin when it comes to partnerships, work or life. “Maybe it’s better if we see where things go , what…

Fiction: End Station

She liked the smell of the rain especially the old upholstered seats. She also didn’t mind that the patterned leather smelled of bad food and alcohol. Meanwhile she didn’t notice the smell anymore. She liked the shaking and the feeling just before leaving. When the train arrived, she felt as if she was being carried.

Fiction: The Wizard Part III

We roamed around not thinking where to go. I was immersed on my happiest memories from the past. I was a child again. I trusted the world, everything was about love, and everything was about that day. Sun was as bright as it ever was. Hot day, slight breeze coming from the front, smell of…

Fiction: The Wizard Part II

  I was back in the game. The shy kid in school who had found a friend. Time was now only a mere formality of life. We had conquered it and more. It was one of those times when you can actually hear the “click”. “Yes, this one I’ll keep” – I thought. Marcus came … Continue reading The Wizard Part II

Fiction: The Wizard Part I

July morning. The sun is still not burning the sidewalk, but the breeze is already warm. The first coffee shops are opening up and I can smell baked bread everywhere. The sky is still orange. I take my off my sunglasses to look at the sun. “Such magic” – I think.