Thinkpiece: From The Fairy Tale of Fear

She can’t breathe. Trying to gasp for air. A rope is tied around her throat. She tries to free herself. With every breath she feels the narrowness. The pulse stops when he touches her. Millions of insects crawl, crawl and spread over her body. When he slowly strokes her shoulder, each of her limbs shrugs.

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Thinkpiece: Vom Märchen der Angst

ie kann nicht atmen. Versucht nach Luft zu schnappen. Ein Seil schnürt sich um ihre Kehle. Sie versucht sich loszulösen. Mit jedem Atemzug fühlt sie die Enge. Der Puls bleibt stehen, wenn er sie berührt. Millionen von Insekten, die krabbeln, kriechen und sich in auf ihrem Körper verbreiten. Wenn er langsam über ihre Schulter streicht, zuckt jedes ihrer Glieder zusammen.

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Soul Talks: Gender Change: When Can I Be Me? – Story of a Transgender

Transgender, Queer, Non Binary is a big topic right now. But actually it was always present, society was just not ready to talk about it before.
Do we really feel comfortable and right in our body since birth?
We meet Lotty. Lotty is a pensioner, transsexual and a woman for 16 years. The desire to be a woman was already present in her childhood but that was clearly not easy to realize. We meet her and quickly realize that both she and her story are very exciting.

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Fiction: Golden Plains – Chapter III

A sea of sparrows lifts into the air. It was like the entire golden fields were reaching to the sky. We were all trying to see beyond them. Thousands and thousands of fleeting shadows cutting our sight. The chirping coming from all sides made it impossible to understand from where the screams where coming from. “Stay behind me, boys!!”- Tim screamed. Mile’s was behind me holding my shoulders. I did what Tim said. I could see in his eyes he was afraid but at the same time focused. I still don’t know what made me trust him up until that moment, and especially on that moment. “I won’t let anything happen to you, boys. Just stay put!” – He continued.

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Soul Talk: Mein Kind ist schwerbehindert

„Manchmal denke ich, es wird alles zu viel, ich kann nicht mehr. Und dann, wie aus dem Nichts ist sie wieder, diese Kraft, die mich antreibt.“ –
Ein Interview mit einer inspirierend, starken Mutter und ihrem Leben mit einem schwer kranken Kind.
Interview mit: Gaby* (*Name geändert)

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Soul Talk: Singles who love being alone

Just over half of Berliners are singles. More than half of them are alone in Berlin, searching, despairing or instead enjoying their time alone. After the article “I am alone but not lonely” I thought a lot about being alone and having a life as a single. Mostly, people feel the same way as me. The different reactions of my interviewees were interesting. Many saw the question “Do you like being alone?” as a kind of accusation. “But I’m not,” they replied. I was specifically looking for people who understood me and my world of thoughts. Singles who enjoy being alone. Four people, four emotional worlds.
And one thing in common: we all like to be alone. We are all happy.

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Soul Talk: Vier Berliner Singles packen aus

Knapp mehr als die Hälfte der Berliner sind Singles. Mehr als die Hälfte schwirrt in Berlin alleine rum, sucht, ist verzweifelt oder wunschlos und zufrieden. Nach dem Artikel „Ich bin alleine – aber nicht einsam“ habe ich viel über das Alleinsein und über das Singleleben nachgedacht. Vor allem, ob es vielen Menschen so ergeht wie mir. Interessant waren die verschiedenen Reaktionen meiner Befragten. Viele sahen in der Frage „Bist du gerne alleine?“ eine Art Anschuldigung. „Aber bin ich doch nicht“, antworteten sie mir. Ich war gezielt auf der Suche nach Menschen, die mich und meine Gedankenwelt verstehen. Singles, die das Alleinsein genießen. Vier Menschen, vier Gefühlswelten.
Und eine Gemeinsamkeit: Wir sind alle gerne alleine. Wir sind alle glücklich.

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Lifestyle: Start your business without money

Let’s be honest: You always wanted to build your dream business, but you didn’t know how. First there is your 9 to 5 job and second there is no money. Absolutely understandable that there is a lack of motivation. But I’ll tell you what: With these four steps I’ll show you how to build up your business with very little money. So put aside your lame excuses and let’s get started!

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Lifestyle: Starte dein Business – Ohne Geld!

Seien wir doch mal ehrlich: Du wolltest schon immer dein Traumbusiness aufbauen, wusstest nur nicht wie. Erstens ist da deine Festanstellung und zweitens fehlt das Geld. Absolut verständlich, dass da die Motivation fehlt. Aber ich sag dir was:
Mit diesen vier Schritten zeige ich dir, wie du mit ganz wenig Geld dein Business aufbaust.
Pack daher die lahmen Ausreden bei Seite und lass uns endlich loslegen!

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Soul Talk: Toxic danger – Lauras Story

Interview with laura (alias). Text: MASHA

A toxic relationship is an unhealthy relationship that requires a lot of energy. I know it, I was in one. I met him in Paris, but he was from Berlin. After two months he invited me to move in with him. So we planned and organized everything together and I moved to him in the capital. Although we knew each other so little, everything felt so incredibly real and intense. His life impressed me, it was exciting and charming but at the same time chaotic and planned. He is a DJ and producer and therefore on the road every weekend.

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