Thinkpiece: About chance and failed love

She says, “I still have to think about him a lot.” And smiles. We meet on a park bench, she with her newspaper, me with my coffee. Actually, it should only be a short walk on a Sunday morning. Instead I met this older woman. Quite by chance. An encounter that I won’t forget so soon. She looks at the empty playground. “I often come here. Actually every morning. Then she puts her newspaper aside. Her fingers are tender despite the many wrinkles, her eyes shine as she begins to speak. Despite her age, she has not lost her zest for life.

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Thinkpiece: Von Zufällen und der gescheiterten Liebe

Sie sagt: „Ich muss noch oft an ihn denken.“ Und lächelt. Wir treffen uns auf einer Parkbank, sie mit ihrer Zeitung, ich mit meinem Kaffee. Eigentlich sollte es nur ein kurzer Spaziergang am Sonntagmorgen werden. Stattdessen traf ich diese ältere Frau. Ganz zufällig. Eine Begegnung, die ich so schnell nicht vergessen werde. Sie schaut zum leeren Spielplatz. „Ich komme öfters hierher. Eigentlich jeden Morgen.“ Dann legt sie ihre Zeitung zur Seite. Ihre Finger sind zart trotz der vielen Falten, ihre Augen leuchten, als sie anfängt zu sprechen. Trotz ihren Alters hat sie ihre Lebensfreude nicht verloren.

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Fiction: Golden Plains – Chapter III

A sea of sparrows lifts into the air. It was like the entire golden fields were reaching to the sky. We were all trying to see beyond them. Thousands and thousands of fleeting shadows cutting our sight. The chirping coming from all sides made it impossible to understand from where the screams where coming from. “Stay behind me, boys!!”- Tim screamed. Mile’s was behind me holding my shoulders. I did what Tim said. I could see in his eyes he was afraid but at the same time focused. I still don’t know what made me trust him up until that moment, and especially on that moment. “I won’t let anything happen to you, boys. Just stay put!” – He continued.

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Fiction: Spring of life – Chapter III


I always disagreed with my heart. It always pulled to dark end corners of my mind, where the impossible kept me afloat from the stillness of the life surrounding me. Always so behaved creatures, so controlled and straight. Mistreating and misbehaving the truth. The world needs more than the things it had so far. Change should be the ultimate goal on our minds.

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Fiction: Spring of Life – Chapter II


Procrastination: Being trapped in a dream world that prevents us from living our dreams on the real one. My life so far was a steady monochord rhythm, two chords repeating day and night. I always thinking how the song would continue. As I turned my face to look at her on that spring afternoon, I heard the strings breaking.
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