Soul Talk: Vipassana – Finding Peace in Fear

This world is too loud. Our mind is rarely conected to our body, we are rarely living in the present. We wanted to know how we could fight against this trend of never ending worries and we found the ancient practice of Vipassana. This form of meditation tries to connect you to your own self.  It is often defined as a form of meditation that seeks “insight into the true nature of reality”. To learn more about it, we talked with Yalid, a Vipassana practitioner for over a decade. He currently helps people overcome Social Anxiety at using tools from the intersection between Buddhist and Western Psychology.

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Soul Talk: Change your life in 5 minutes

Let’s face it. We can’t change our lives in only 5 minutes, can we? We’ll give you a tip. It gives you happiness and fulfillment 24/7, it is always with you and the best: It lasts forever. Already an idea? Gratitude. A powerful tool that can completely change your life. We met Kevin from Intelligent Change. This company produces the wonderful Five-Minute Journal, which has already helped millions of people to be more mindful and grateful in their everyday lives.

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Thinkpiece: My Berlin Sabbatical

Guest article by Serita Braxton

The first winter was a serious struggle but everyone told me about how great the Berlin
summers were. “Just wait until it gets warm,” they said. “It’s like a whole other city,” they said.
“The summers are so great here,” they said. But when summer time finally arrived I was
disappointed at the mere 70 degrees (21 °C) and rainy weather of most days. The sunny and
warm break I was waiting for never really arrived.

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Soulful Life: Always in Flow

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Do you know this feeling of being really in the flow? For me this is the magic of writing:
Space and time to forget about everything and to go deep into your core, to be in the moment. Magical. But what is “being in the flow” anyway, what does it have to do with motivation and how do you get it right? Read more in this article.

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Soul Talk: Making Peace with Yourself

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Self-love. Now on everyone’s lips. But what exactly does that mean, to be in harmony with yourself and your body? Can one really make peace with one’s mind? Our interview guest Silja Janina M. is a bit closer to reach it. She is a yoga and meditation teacher and has found a bit more enlightenment with the help of the Kundalini teachings and her free spirit. We talked to Silja about Kundalini Yoga, healthy body and mind consciousness and nudity. Yes, you heard me!

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Soul Talk: Frieden mit sich schließen

Selbstliebe. Mittlerweile in aller Munde. Doch was genau bedeutet das eigentlich im Einklang mit sich und seinem Körper zu sein? Kann man wirklich Frieden mit seinem Geist schließen? Unser Interviewgast Silja Janina M. ist dem schon ein bisschen näher. Sie ist Yoga und Meditationslehrerin und hat mithilfe der Kundalini Lehren und ihrem Freigeist ein Stückchen mehr Erleuchtung gefunden. Wir sprechen mit Silja über Kundalini Yoga, gesundes Körper und Geistbewusstsein und Nacktheit. Richtig gehört!

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Lifestyle: Warum weniger immer mehr ist

Oh wow.. Wie lange wir auf den Sommer gewartet haben. Wie schön Berlin endlich aufblühen zu sehen. Denn Berlin kann sehr traurig, einsam und lethargisch im Winter werden.. Und unsere Stimmung mit ihr. Um dem zu entkommen versuchen wir dem Winter so schnell wie möglich zu entfliehen. Am besten in ein warmes Land mit ganz viel Herz und Wärme. Tschüss Grau, hallo Sonne! Wir wollen keinesfalls an den Winter denken. Gott bewahre! Aber ein paar warme Gedanken möchten wir euch schon noch von unserer letzten Reise mitgeben.

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Lifestyle: Why less is always more

Oh, wow. How long we waited for the summer. How nice to see Berlin finally blossoming. Berlin can be very sad, lonely and lethargic in winter… Dragging our mood with it. To escape the cold there is only one solution: Go away from Berlin. Choose a country with beautiful beaches and high temperatures and go!  Bye grey skies, hello sun!

We don’t want to think about the winter. God forbid! We would like to give you some warm thoughts from our last trip.

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Wanderlust: Reisen als Inspirationselixier

Wenn man ständig neu kreieren muss, muss Inspiration her. Das beste Rezept? Reisen.
Für mich gibt es nichts besseres, meine größte Leidenschaft. Meine liebsten Geschichten, die ich erzähle, meine schönsten Erinnerungen, auf die ich zurückblicke. Manchmal inspirieren mich Charakterzüge, ein bestimmtes Café oder der Abendflair einer Stadt. Manchmal verschmelzen Details von mehreren Personen zusammen. Vielleicht eine Situation, die ich wiedergebe oder ein Gefühl. Als Autorin ist Reisen ein absolutes Muss. Und für dich auch. Warum verrate ich dir in diesem Artikel.

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Soul Talk: Zero Waste with Bea Johnson

Each German produces around 100 Kilograms of garbage a year. Each discounter disposes of around 45 kilograms of edible food every day. We don’t intend to preach a sermon, we all know that we have to change something. Especially in Berlin, a strong movement in a sustainable Lifestyle is emerging: Green Markets, Second Hand Clothes and refill, plastic-free Shops.
But what about the rest of the world? We met Be a Johnson. Bea and her family live in San Francisco and only dispose of one hand(!) of garbage a year. In the meantime she has already convinced thousands on Television, as a Speaker and published several books.
She and her method is unique! How can this work? We thought. She told us everything!

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