Fiction: Withdrawal

Cloud my day, fog my mind. Evaporating myself. Melt into you.We two – one thing in common: Our emptiness.I knew no breath, since it was yours.No movement, since you ran.Each of your words soaked in my body. Every anaesthetic grew into my skin.

Thoughts: The Big Drop

There I was. Hoping and hopping. Eager to get something I don’t want. Apply. Put on your mask and smile. Study your cliché list, memorize it, some jokes maybe? No, too much. Who has time to laugh? Put your head down and let them absorb you. Feel the anxiety mixed with a monochord vomiting of…

Fiction: End Station

She liked the smell of the rain especially the old upholstered seats. She also didn’t mind that the patterned leather smelled of bad food and alcohol. Meanwhile she didn’t notice the smell anymore. She liked the shaking and the feeling just before leaving. When the train arrived, she felt as if she was being carried.