Soul Talk: Can we breathe out Fear?

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Of course, we all know how essential it is to breathe. Essential for survival.
But did you also know that trauma and inner blockages can be solved by breathing? “Biodynamic Breath is a holistic method for releasing mental and physical blockages.” At least that’s what Michael Lindemann, expert for Biodynamic Breathwork, says. In fact, special breathing techniques can have opening and cathartic effects. Clearly, we want to know more about this and ask Michael about it.

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COLLAB: Soulful Fluid Art

There are many ways to express yourself. Some do it through words, others through art, dance, movement or music … So many ways to speak, so many ways to be heard or seen. All poetry, in our opinion.
Do you have any idea what intuition, yoga and art have in common? Today we find out!

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COLLAB: Fluid Art mit Seele

Es gibt viele Wege sich auszudrücken. Wir machen es über Worte, andere über Kunst, Tanz, Bewegung oder Musik … So viele Arten zu sprechen, so viele Möglichkeiten gehört oder gesehen zu werden. Alles Poesie, in unseren Augen.
Habt ihr eine Idee was Intuition, Yoga und Kunst gemeinsam haben.. Heute lösen wir es auf!

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Soul Talk: Zero Waste with Bea Johnson

Each German produces around 100 Kilograms of garbage a year. Each discounter disposes of around 45 kilograms of edible food every day. We don’t intend to preach a sermon, we all know that we have to change something. Especially in Berlin, a strong movement in a sustainable Lifestyle is emerging: Green Markets, Second Hand Clothes and refill, plastic-free Shops.
But what about the rest of the world? We met Be a Johnson. Bea and her family live in San Francisco and only dispose of one hand(!) of garbage a year. In the meantime she has already convinced thousands on Television, as a Speaker and published several books.
She and her method is unique! How can this work? We thought. She told us everything!

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Thinkpiece: Values to follow

Maybe some of you have already noticed. Last month I had wanderlust and it drew me to Vietnam. Do you already know our article in which I write about my thoughts? I don’t want to deny it, life in Vietnam is definitely different. It is overwhelming. What I immediately noticed is that it’s not only different in its way, but also in its attitude. Our mission is, among other things, to bring a little light and sun into your day, so for you four reasons what we should absolutely copy from the Vietnamese.

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Thinkpiece: Werte zum Abgucken

Vielleicht haben es einige von euch bereits mitbekommen. Vergangenen Monat hatte ich Fernweh und es zog mich nach Vietnam. Kennt ihr unseren Artikel schon, in dem ich über meine Gedanken hierzu schreibe? Ich will es nicht bestreiten, das Leben in Vietnam ist definitiv anders. Es ist überwältigend. Was ich sofort bemerkt habe, es ist nicht nur in der Art und Weise anders, sondern auch in der Einstellung. Unsere Mission ist es unter anderem ein bisschen Licht und Sonne in deinen Tag zu bringen daher für dich vier Gründe, was wir uns von den Vietnamesen unbedingt abgucken sollten.

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