Thinkpiece: Tales of the Present

I am sure I have a sane mind. Why? For the amount of anxiety that on it lies. What better proof of consciousness than to feel trapped in a vertigo state commuting around the city? Watching all those beings on the train, trying forcibly to ignore each other, having dreams of wealth and health, just for them, never to anyone else. A new wave of narcissism swept our society like a tsunami that no one saw coming.

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Fiction: The Black Widow


“She played for the sake of pleasure and suffering”

She knew she had them by the hand. She knew how to hold the reins, how to play the right move. She always could. She had spun the spider’s web more and more, had always kept her prey close to her, until she was paralyzed, until nobody could move anymore.  That’s how she did it with Marco. But Marco was only one of many.

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