Fiction: The Rapturous Void

Guest article She lived in the spacebetween wanting and not havingwhere a deep, obsessive longingroared through her limbslike a second heartpunching her from the inside   

Thinkpiece: Objectifying the Objects

Guest article We need to see a bag as a bag.And we need so badly to see a person as a person. Since we engaged in mass production, we are coming down the hill.We should discuss what we feel when, exiting the mall, we find a homeless person lying next to the door. Is there…

Drunk Sailor

Maybe the boat of a drunk sailor still finds homeLeaning over but never fallingSalty crust in his hair and day dreaming under the moon

Fiction: A friendship

You said you wanted to spend so many more summers with me. You wanted to see so much more. “The world, in all its width.” You said. With me. You wanted to taste the salty taste of the ocean, bathe in the sea of emotions. You wanted to flee reality, to be everywhere, but not…