Soul Talk: A hymn to nature

“A hymn to nature” this is how the artist Floortje Louise named one of her photography projects. We all are constantly going through changes in life.. And thats exactly what she tells about. She tells about the life cycle, the infinity and the spiritual meaning of the seasons. Poetic, tender and peaceful, that’s what we…

Fiction: The Rapturous Void

Guest article She lived in the spacebetween wanting and not havingwhere a deep, obsessive longingroared through her limbslike a second heartpunching her from the inside   

Drunk Sailor

Maybe the boat of a drunk sailor still finds homeLeaning over but never fallingSalty crust in his hair and day dreaming under the moon

Thinkpiece: From The Fairy Tale of Fear

She can’t breathe. Trying to gasp for air. A rope is tied around her throat. She tries to free herself. With every breath she feels the narrowness. The pulse stops when he touches her. Millions of insects crawl, crawl and spread over her body. When he slowly strokes her shoulder, each of her limbs shrugs.

Fiction: Golden Plains – Chapter III

A sea of sparrows lifts into the air. It was like the entire golden fields were reaching to the sky. We were all trying to see beyond them. Thousands and thousands of fleeting shadows cutting our sight. The chirping coming from all sides made it impossible to understand from where the screams where coming from….

Fiction: A friendship

You said you wanted to spend so many more summers with me. You wanted to see so much more. “The world, in all its width.” You said. With me. You wanted to taste the salty taste of the ocean, bathe in the sea of emotions. You wanted to flee reality, to be everywhere, but not…

Fiction: Marble Dreams

The something I remember the most is the sun. It is most beautiful when we see his light through the reflections on the white marble walls, bouncing back and forth between them, a dance of light and life, and an ode to the dead who first saw how beautiful they could be. The thousands of…

Fiction: Spring of life – Chapter III

I always disagreed with my heart. It always pulled to dark end corners of my mind, where the impossible kept me afloat from the stillness of the life surrounding me. Always so behaved creatures, so controlled and straight. Mistreating and misbehaving the truth. The world needs more than the things it had so far. Change…

Fiction: Withdrawal

Cloud my day, fog my mind. Evaporating myself. Melt into you.We two – one thing in common: Our emptiness.I knew no breath, since it was yours.No movement, since you ran.Each of your words soaked in my body. Every anaesthetic grew into my skin.