Fiction: Golden Plains – Chaper IV

My entire self was dominated by the vision of the beast. I was not on earth anymore. What mind could comprehend what just happened? Not the one of a 14 year old kid. My brother was gone. My friend was gone. Fantastic beasts were roaming around in the fields, and the only one who could help was an old skinny man whom I had just met. Tim starts walking like he had lost all his strenght, dwindling down the road into the direction of the settling dust. He drops down on his knees after a few steps. I felt something inside me trying to get out, to run and scream as fast and loud as I could, but somehow it couldn’t get out.

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Gute Neuigkeiten!

++++ UPDATE ++++

Wegen ein paar Komplikationen müssen wir das Veröffentlichungsdatum auf den
01.09 verschieben. An alle Newsletter Abonnenten: Ihr bekommt rechtzeitig Bescheid.
Hoffe ihr versteht das!

Hey Schönheit,

Pssst.. An alle, die nicht genug von uns kriegen! Literaa Poetry ist ganz bald auch in deinen Ohren. Wie bitte?! Du hast richtig gehört. Wir starten bald mit unserem eigenen Podcast. So wie Berlin international ist, wird auch unser Podcast zweisprachig sein. Mal auf Deutsch, mal auf Englisch. Falls die Nachfrage da ist, übersetzen wir die Podcast Folgen und sorgen für Untertitel, so das jeder alles mithören kann. Ist das nicht cool?
Was hälst du davon?

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Surprise, Surprise!

++++ UPDATE ++++++

Because of some complications we unfortunately have to postpone the podcast publication to the 1st of September.
Hope you understand! For all the Email Subscribers: You will receive a separate announcement.

Hey Gorgeous,

Shhh. To all who can’t get enough of us! Literaa Poetry will soon be in your ears. “What do you mean?” You heard right. We will start soon with our own podcast. Just as Berlin is international, our podcast will also be bilingual. Sometimes in German, sometimes in English. If the demand is there, we will translate the podcast episodes and provide subtitles, so that everyone can listen to everything. Isn’t that cool?
What do you think?

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