Always creative – Our method


I am often asked how I live as an author, when writing becomes a profession and you have to deliver every day… Is creativity even available at one’s choice? And you know what? I can press the buttons and my creativity starts immediately to work. How? With the right routine and variety! This article tells you how this works. Continue reading “Always creative – Our method”

Spring of life – Part I


I traded seagulls for ravens. On my backpack I had three days worth of clothes, and a toothbrush. On my heart I had a lifetime worth of dreams. I waited too long for this, and I wonder why… I don’t want to think that I was too long trapped in my fears, in my anxiety, such a cliché, right? I mean, being so aware of the cockroaches on my head I should have known better, shouldn’t I?

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Spilled wine


How many of my thoughts are just spilled wine? Promises of a future that became stains. They will always be there for me to remember who I was and the life I aspired. They come from a time where I used to think how much I had already accomplished. My young mind was impossible to break down, happiness was always present due to the promise of time. I looked to days to come like constellations high above in the night sky. What is there to find out? How long would it take me to get there? How small was I compared to them, how big can I grow? Continue reading “Spilled wine”

I’m naive and I’m fine with it.


I’m naive. Very much. I didn’t notice that before, because I could blame it on my age. There it was still justified. Childlike carelessness. “Yes well, she’s still 17, she’s still learning that,” they said at the time. Meanwhile I’m 27 and it hasn’t got any better. Their head shaking. Always the same. And then there’s this slightly suggested smile and this: “Sweet.”
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Ich bin naiv und das ist gut so


“Bei dem Wort Liebe fangen meine Augen an zu glühen.”

Ich bin naiv. Sogar sehr. Früher ist das nicht so aufgefallen, da konnte ich das noch auf mein Alter schieben. Da war es noch gerechtfertigt. Kindlicher Leichtsinn halt. „Ja gut, sie ist ja noch 17, sie lernt das schon noch“, haben sie damals gesagt. Mittlerweile bin ich 27 und es ist kein Stück besser geworden. Dieses Kopfschütteln. Immer dasselbe. Und dazu noch dieses leicht angedeutete Lächeln und dieses: „Süß.“ Continue reading “Ich bin naiv und das ist gut so”

The Big Drop


There I was. Hoping and hopping. Eager to get something I don’t want. Apply. Put on your mask and smile. Study your cliché list, memorize it, some jokes maybe? No, too much. Who has time to laugh? Put your head down and let them absorb you. Feel the anxiety mixed with a monochord vomiting of words. Don’t fall asleep, soldier!
Your mamma is counting on you. You are getting to old to eat at her table. Aren’t you tired of being left out?

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Der Zauberer – Teil I


Juli Morgen. Noch hat die Sonne nicht angefangen auf den Bürgersteig zu brennen, die erste Brise ist aber schon recht warm. Die ersten Cafés öffnen und ich rieche an dem frisch gebackenem Brot. Der Himmel ist noch orange. Ich nehme meine Sonnenbrille ab, um in die Sonne zu schauen. “Solch eine Magie” – denke ich. Continue reading “Der Zauberer – Teil I”

Die im See Verlorenen


Das Wasser ist jetzt still. Der Sturm von gestern Abend hat Hunderte von verlorenen Seelen kilometerweit herumfliegen lassen. Einige schauen in die Sonne, als ob sie ihn verzweifelt bitten würden, Leben in ihre kalten, blassen Körper zurückzubringen. Hundert Schiffe segeln dazwischen. Sie verachten jeden einzelnen Ertrunkenen und fürchten das Lied der Meerjungfrau. Wir könnten es sein, denken sie. Continue reading “Die im See Verlorenen”

Oscars Day Part II


With each visit she aged more and more, with that time beauty had also left her. Her eyes were red and shiny when she sat opposite him. He knew it was because of him and that it was not the only time he made her cry. When he married her he loved her, at least he felt an affection for her. She was pretty and warm-hearted. She was from a legal family and had money. Her grandfather left an inheritance and that was very convenient for him because he had a lot of debts.

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The Voyager Part I


Everything is ready for lift off. Starry sky, the air is dry, a slight hot breeze promised us comfort against the heat but it never delivered. The time is 11pm, an August night. I’m at the top of antenna hill. The gateway to heaven. I can see the entire world merging with the stars. The one’s falling wave at me one last time as they disappear into to the dark.

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